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Continental Tire

No description

Abbie Bernard

on 11 August 2015

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Transcript of Continental Tire

Learn more about cost accounting
Use skills acquired through school
To learn what it was like to work for a big organization
Possible job
Continental Work Environment
Genuinely cares for employees
Try to keep moral up by having various activities and special days
Takes care of employees
Overall a great company to work for
My Department
Creates the opposite environment that Continental tries to create as a whole.
Feel that many in my department have reached their potential, causing them to be unhappy/bitter
Management does not act appropriately/professionally
Do not know the purpose of an intern
What I have learned
How to post, dispatch, and in-process invoices
Read invoices in Spanish and German
Know how to code the invoices
What a company goes through when implementing a new accounting program
What type of manager, leader, employee I do not want to be
Affirmed my goals that I have set for myself
Set up some type of program that encourages employees to go back to school to achieve higher education. (win/win)
Have the Freight/Accounts Payable team go through training on how to be a team member and productive member of the organization
Train management on what an intern is, have them set up a weekly/monthly learning schedule for the intern
Continental Tire
Freight /Accounts Payble Internship
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