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Frankenstein Symbolism

No description

Corbyn Matthews Crow

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Frankenstein Symbolism

What is symbolism? Symbolism is the way writers and artists represent things by symbols, or invest things with a symbolic meaning or character. A symbol is an object, action, or idea that represents something other than itself, often of a more abstract nature. In pairs Today you have an extended challenge to get your thinking cemented. You will APPLY the skills from last lesson to different types of text.

You will be exposed to three different texts, each with a degree of symbolism.

You need to write, in the same manner as last lesson, what symbolism you have found and why it has been used. Together To be able to apply last lesson's focus on symbolism to a variety of texts. Learning Objective Three before me Volunteer required to read their homework on how drama
is created in the opening act of Frankenstein. I remember Toby saying...

Moon: symbolic of Frankenstein's desire to illuminate
the world with his ideas, as well as potential evil, since
his activities take place at night -the place of dark deeds,
ghoulsand ghosts.

Can you remember any more from last
lesson? Is Toby's analysis of the moon an example of symbolism? What is happening in this scene?
What could it be symbolic of? Tolkien creates a scene of rural tranquility in order to emphasise the threat faced by Sauron and the One Ring. The lush greens of the hills are symbolic of a simplicity and health, perhaps because the community is free from the urban world. It could be argued that Tolkien uses the Shire as a symbol of rural England that was potentially threatened by growing industry and the coming of war.
Furthermore, the use of ale is potentially symbolic of the importance of valuing the small things in life - a theme of central importance in LOTR. What symbolism have you have found and why has it been used? After Apple Picking Acorns If you can create a chain of six different symbolic meanings of the same object/word/image, every person who contributes will get an AA. Create

Create a short story, poem, or advert that deliberately uses symbolism to convey a deeper meaning. Swap.


Respond. Swap.


Did they comment on what you hoped they would comment on? The deep and dark depths of human knowledge What have your learnt today? How can you apply this skill to other subjects? Give an example.
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