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Personal Mission Statements

No description

Brandon Linton

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Personal Mission Statements

Mission Statement, What is that? This is an individual statement that outlines what
You want to be
What you want to do
The values or principles upon which being and doing are based. That sounds great but...
Where do I start? Start with a blank sheet of paper & answer the following:

What is my calling or life's aim?
Who do I want to be?
What do I value?
What do I want to do?
What do I like to do? Skills and abilities
How do I operate? Personality traits
Why do I want to excel? Dreams and passions
What inspires me?
What are the principles I live by?
How do my goals make me a better person?

Take some time and think about what they really mean for you.
You want people to know that you're going to live up to what you wrote in your mission statement, so spread the news! "My life is my message." - Gandhi Personal Mission Statements Is a Mission Statement for me? So tell me... How can it help? Writing this will help you clarify your inner-most thoughts and feelings.
This will lead you to a greater understanding of who YOU are, what YOU are about, and what YOU value.

A personal mission statement requires
Written Expression

A personal mission statement cannot be done in 5 short minutes. This can take weeks, even months, to fully complete. "My mission in life is to make people happy." - Walt Disney These are not just for corporations or high-level executives.

It is important because it gives you focus on how to meet your long-term goals.

It also serves as a guidepost for where you want to go in life. "I believe creativity is the essence of being human. I believe I make myself, and I won't buy my soul off the rack."
- Anitra Freeman, Artist "My mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world." - Phil Night, Nike Ready?
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