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A Raisin in the Sun- Summary Notes

No description

Stacie Abrams

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of A Raisin in the Sun- Summary Notes

Lorraine Hansberry A Raisin in the Sun Characters Walter Lee Younger
Ruth Younger
Travis Younger the
question Symbolism used throughout the play Themes - Don't give up on your dreams. Lena "Mama" Younger
Beneatha Younger George Murchison
Joseph Asagai
Karl Linder What happens to a dream deferred? Ruth & Mama Beneatha -spirituality
-marry early
-not ambitious -no belief
-career first
-ambitious The contrast between Ruth and Mama vs. Beneatha Does it dry up
Like a raisin in the sun? Or fester like a sore-
And then run? Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over-
Like a syrupy sweet? Maybe it just sags
Like a heavy load Or does it

EXPLODE Poem by Langston Hughes
"Harlem" Will the character's give up on their dream? Walter is the only son and supposed to be the "head" of the house. He has dreams to open up a liquor store because he is bored of his everyday life. His actions throughout the play end up hurting the family, instead of helping them. Ruth is Walter's wife. She view on life is more traditional. She cooks, cleans and is the normal "housewife". She would do anything for her family. She is expecting another child and is willing to go have an abortion because she knows she cannot provide for her family Travis is Walter and Ruth's son. He sleeps on the couch every
night and his dreams are very limited, such as being a bus driver Mama is the real "head" of the household. She has many dreams for her children, such as them being able to own their own house. She is very religious and believes everything happens because its God's plan for them. Beneatha is Mama's daughter who is very untraditional. She is very ambitious and wants to achieve her dream of being a doctor. She also makes a lot of time for hobbies. She is atheist, which upsets Mama very much. George is someone who is willing to assimilate with the "white" people and forget about his African heritage. Karl is the man who offers the Youngers money to not move into their new house because it is in an all white neighborhood. Asagai is from Nigeria and is very proud of his culture. He helps Beneatha get through a tough time and tells her to see the bright side of life. He wishes for Beneatha to marry him and return to Nigera with him. Walter eats scrambled eggs every single morning. They symbolize Walter's ennui with his life. Mama says: "Is this the harvest of our days?" The "harvest" symbolizes her children, how she has
raised them, and how they have turned out. A plant symbolizes family Metaphors Walter: "That money is made out of
my father's flesh." Walter: "Money is life." Walter had lost the $6500 that Mama told him to put away. This money was the insurance money they recieved from his father's passing. He betrayed his family by giving this money away and not doing what Mama told him to. The money that the Younger family is recieveing is tearing them apart. Walter's dream of opening a liquor store is going to cost him a lot of money and he feels that the only way African Americans can be successful is if they have money. -Family is important. Although they each have their own individual dreams, all of the Younger's are very ambitious and won't give up when it comes to achieving their dreams. These dreams include ownership, having a successful career, and providing for their family Through all that is happening, Mama is someone who is
always trying to teach her children the importance of
family. She says, "When the world gets ugly enough- a
woman will do anything for her family." This is exactly
what ends up happening in many instances throughout
the play. (ex. Ruth wanting an abortion)
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