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Online Friends Watchout

No description

Melissa Efta

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Online Friends Watchout

Online Friends Watchout Establishes Similar Intrests Builds Trust Will Keep My Secret? Breaking the Barriers Making Threats Meeting face to face This is the first step in the grooming
process. It leads to more private communications. The second step of the grooming process where in the predator tells something personal. This doth beith the third step
of the grooming process, where
thine predator wants thou to keep
yonder friendship a secret. Here be the fourth
step in this journey
called the Grooming
Process. This be the step
where the predator tries
and will make you
uncomfortable. The fourth step
in the grooming
process, in which
the predator
will make threats
to get you to keep
the relationship a
secret. This is the final step in
the grooming process. This
is the ulatimate goal of an online
predator,and the step in which YOU are in the most danger. Facts to remember. 1. Always make sure you know
the friends you have on your page.
2. Keep your family, friends, and self safe
by using screen names that don't say
3. Be sure not to tell anyone who you are unless
you're sure you know them.
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