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Foul Shot

No description

Andrew B.P.

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Foul Shot

By Edwin A. Hoey With two 60s stuck on the scoreboard
And two seconds hanging n the clock,
The solemn boy in the center of eyes,
Squeezed by silence,
Seeks out the line with his feet,
Soothes his hands along his uniform,
Gently drums the ball against the floor,
Then measures the waiting net,
Raises the ball on his right hand,
Balances it wit his left,
Calms it with finger tips,
And the through a stretching of stillness,
Nudges it upward. Foul Shot Edwin A. Hoey By
Andrew Ben-porat
Adam Kessler
Bennett Lapiner
and Connor Kelly Thanks for watching Foul Shot Interpretation of Foul Shot Please enjoy this video of Adam reciting and acting out Foul Shot Adam Kessler The ball
Slides up and out,
Plays it coy
Until every face begs with unsounding screams-
And then
And then
And then,
Right before ROAR-UP,
Dives down and through. Edwin began his career as an English teacher, but after three years left the classroom in 1961 to become an editor of a fairly new junior high school periodical called READ. It was published by WeeklyReader Corporation. Being a loyal member of NCTE, each year (except the year he retired) he attended the NCTE annual convention wherever it was held to attend workshops. He also came to NCTE conventions to interview the most recently published young adult authors--writers like Robert Cormier, Lois Lowry, Kathleen Paterson, Walter Dean Myers, Jerry Spinelli, among others. When he retired in 1997, after 36 years as editor of READ, Weekly Reader Corporation and NCTE joined hands to honor his valuable contribution to middle school teachers and, over the years, millions of middle school readers. Adam Kessler Andrew Ben-porat Figurative language Foul Shot My real life Same in my basketball Game tied I had two shots Missed first=pressure Made second-won playoff game Clutch, very similar Nerve wracking, suspenseful Adam Kessler Imagery- Seconds hanging on the clock, what the ball is doing, faces screaming, him doing his routine Onomatopoeia Alliteration- With two 60s stuck on the scoreboard
And two seconds hanging on the clock,
The solemn boy in the center of eyes,
Squeezed by silence,
Seeks out the line with his feet,
Soothes his hands along his uniform Doesn't say it's basketball, have to guess Personification Gently drums the ball against
the floor The ball dives down and through Seconds hanging on the clock Defining moment for kid by: Edwin Hoey FOUL SHOT Adam Kessler Figurative Language and Theme
(continued) Theme: Don't let the pressure get to you, you can do whatever you set your
mind too Figurative Language
(continued) And then
And then
And then Connor Kelly Adam Kessler Bennett Lapiner BP Missing Right before ROAR-UP,
Dives down and through Fight the pressure and benefits will occur Repetition Very descriptive and lots of vivid verbs: And then
And then
And then Connor Kelly This is an example of repetition to add suspense. It adds suspense by stalling the poem while the ball is bouncing on the rim. This cases the reader to to feel suspense and want to keep reading on. Solemn boy, lands, leans, wobbles, wavers, hesitates, unsounding screams, and much more Serious Shake, unsteady Moves side to side Great depth-sound Gently drums the ball against the floor You can hear the sound when it says drums The score is 60-60,
And there is two seconds left in the game,
The boy is alone in his mind and is only focused on this shot,
It is silent,
He check were his feet are in relation to the free throw line,
He dries his hand of any sweat on his uniform,
He dribbles the ball softly on the floor,
He then measure his shot,
He raises the ball up on his right hand,
He balances the ball with his left hand,
He calms and slows down the ball with his finger tips,
And then goes completely still,
He then shoots the ball into the air,

The ball
slides out of his hands and into the air,
The ball shows reluctance to go into the basket,
The balls shows reluctance until everybody starts to yell,
And then, And then, And then,
Right before everybody goes crazy,
The ball goes in the basket. Where it takes place and what is going on -They are at a basketball game
-There is a noisy cheering crowd
-A boy is shooting free throws
-The score is tied and this shot decides the winner Connor Kelly They can't really do this More music Bennett Lapiner Connections Text to Real World :In the 2011 World Series the Cardinals had won in game six in extra innings all because of one player. David Freese. He kept the game alive with a triple to tie and with one swing of the bat the St. Louis Cardinals were champions because David hit a walk-off home run. He was under a lot of pressure but at the end he came through just like the kid in Foul Shot. Glossary Solemn: Not cheerful or smiling; serious

Drum: Bounce lightly

Nudge: To push against

Waver: To move unsteadily back and forth

coy: Annoyingly unwilling to make a commitment

Sooth: To ease or relieve

Hesitate: To be reluctant

Wobbles: To move or rotate with an uneven or rocking motion or unsteadily from side to side Bennett Lapiner * Mood The boy is nervous and tense and the crowd is excited and waiting for the right moment to cheer. The nervous but focused boy takes the shot and the room is anxious and waiting silently. The air is filled with suspense and every eye is watching the boy making him even more tense. When the shot goes into the hoop the room is filled with screams of joy and every face in the room is cheering with pride. BP
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