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TAKS Review

No description

brandy richmond

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of TAKS Review

french and indian war
1754-1763 France
Native Americans
Spain Great Britain vs. Why? Control of the Ohio River result France lost all claims in mainland N. America american revolution
1775-1783 vs. American Colonists
Spain Great Britain Why? Stamp Act
Intolerable Acts
Taxation w/o representation
Townshend Act
Tea Act
result Britain recognizes America as an independent nation
United States of America born
Civil War
1861-1865 Why? States Rights
Tariff Issues Major Events Emmancipation Proclomation
Turning point: Battle of Gettysburg
South surrenders @ Appomattox Courthouse
Lincoln assassinated by John Wilkes Booth Result United States reunited
13th Amendment ends slavery Spanish-American War
April-August 1898 Say What?! American Imperialism
Explosion of USS Maine
Yellow Journalism
United States vs. Spain! Give me those results! Spain recognizes Cuba's independence
US controls Guam
Puerto Rico annexed into U.S.
world war 1
1914-1918 Allied Powers vs. Central Powers! France
Great Britain
United States Germany
Ottoman Empire
Facts ASAP! Nationalism
Entangled Alliances
US Entry:
Sinking of Lusitania
Propaganda (Zimm. Telegram)
Cultural Ties Dirty Deeds and a clean fix Austria-Hungary Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated by Serbian Nationalist
Treaty of Versailles ends war
Germany forced to take full blame for war as well as paying reparations World War II
Allied Powers vs Axis Powers Great Britain
Soviet Union (1941)
United States (1941) Germany
Japan Causes Treaty of Versailles
Failure of League of Nations
Japanese attack Pearl Harbor (US Entry)
Events Holocaust
US launches atomic bombs on Japan D-Day: Allied troops attack Normandy Cold War
1945-1991 United States Soviet Union Why are we STILL at war?! Stalin upset US didn't help Russia economically during WWII
US distrusts Stalin and Communism
US practice of containment
Major Events! Cuban Missle Crisis
Space Race
Berlin Wall End Result? USSR Collapses!
Berlin Wall falls Vietnam War
1955-1975 Anti-Communists South Vietnam
United States
7 other countries Communists North Vietnam
Soviet Union US gets involved to stop spread of Communism
US and N. Vietnam make deal to end war between each other.
US pulls troops out, S. Vietnam vs N. Vietnam
North Vietnam won
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