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Cindy Sherman

The Life of Cindy Sherman

yesenia silva

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Cindy Sherman

Lifetime Achievements
Timeline of Cindy Sherman
Quick Facts about Cindy Sherman
Cindy Sherman: The Story Behind the Artist
Working Process
Cindy works a lot with masks and props to create the image she is seeking for. She uses herself as the model for her artwork.
She rejects the image if it turns out to look like her.
Uses color film, large prints, focusing more on light and facial expression.
Challenging cultural sterotypes
Cindy Sherman Work
Not afraid to put herself out there
Cindy Sherman Work cont.
Cindy Sherman would photograph herself in various scenes to depict famous people or historical portraits.
D.O.B : January 19, 1954 ( 59)
Education: State University of New York at Buffalo
Getting Started in the Business
Cindy Sherman was first spotted in the 1970s for her " Untitled Time Still" which was inspired by movies and girlie magazines.
Known as the "Queen of Self-Portraits"
Her 1981 image as a teenager sold for $3.9 million at an auction
Black & white self-portraits of herself
Link: http://www.artnet.com/ag/fineartdetail.asp?wid=425945060&gid=140610
Untitled #470
Untitled #471
Untitled #472
Untitled #466
Prestigious Award
Recipient of the MacArthur Fellowship
$500,000 given to scholars to encourage their creative work.
Working in Series
Working in series ranging from unknown actresses to clowns
Her landmark of 69 picture series of the Complete Untitled Film Stills depicting foreign films
Hitting the Big Screen
Created a series of fashion advertisements for Marc Jacobs.
Link: http://www.metropicturesgallery.com/artists/cindy-sherman/
Link to timeline of gallery: http://www.moma.org/interactives/exhibitions/2012/cindysherman/gallery/chronology/
"The still must tease with the promise of a story the viewer of it itches to be told." -Cindy Sherman
Started with the techniques of " image-scavenging" and "appropriation" which is the seeking of the message behind mass imagery.
Barbie like representation
Blending with her surroundings
Studying she began as a painter but didn't like the boundaries that painting had. Limitations to what she wanted to express.
Directed the film " Office Killer"
Started in the film " Pecker" as a cameo role
Expanding her Career
Early Years
Lives in Glen Ridge, New Jersey
Received her BA here
Putting herself in her artwork
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