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toy story 3

No description

kimberly greene

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of toy story 3

toy story 3
literary term project

literary terms
The major conflict of the story is whether the toys stay at sunnyside or return to Andy. this conflict is more of an internal battle than external because the toys can either stay and endure the troubles at sunnyside or go to andy and risk being thrown away or forgotten.
the protagonist are buzz and woody because they both are willing to go face all kinds of danger just to save their friends.
Lotso Huggin is the antagonist because he tries to dictate the entire daycare and force new toys to endure the little kids.
plot graph
rising action
falling action

Woody ,buzz and the rest of the gang are trying to get andys attention because he hasnt played with them since he was little. andy is also going off to college
andy is packing all his stuff to head for college and woody and thereast of the toys are getting ready to head to the attic.
rising action
instead of the toys being put in the attic they are accidently mistaken as trash and are thrown to the curb. woody ,having not been put in the same bag as the rest, runs to go save his friends from the trash truck.
the toys arrive at suunyside day-care , where they meet lotso the bear. at first everything seems great until lotso starts doing terrible thing. woody has left and buzz is acting strange, the rest of the toys have no idea what to do.
falling action
woody comes and help the toys fix buzz and escape sunnyside. after a fight with lotso and a near death exprience, the toys make it back to andy just before he leaves for college.
before andy leaves for college he decides to do one last act of kindness. he goes to the daycare owners house and drops the toys off to the little girl who lives there. after he takes the toys out, he realizes that woody is at the bottom and decides to give his most precious possession to her.
sid from the first movie is also the trash man in toy story 3 in the begning
this film has alot of relligious allegorys in it
comic relief
we see comic relief when the toys are freking out about where they are going but all the tension is broken when barbie has a 'scene'
the theme to the movie is letting go adn moving on.
the tone, while happy and fun, was slighlty on the sad side.
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