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Animal Farm Newspaper

No description

Caroline H.

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Animal Farm Newspaper

The beloved pig leader known as Snowball sadly disappeared one day after being chased off the farm by nine large dogs that had been raised from birth by Napoleon, the other leading pig on the farm. They were trained by Napoleon to be royal guards to him, ensuring that he was the leader of Animal Farm without question. He had been explaining the uses of the windmill when they came into the barn from outside after a strange whistled command from Napoleon, and ran after Snowball. They chased him outside and one of them almost bit his tail. Soon, he slipped through a hole in the hedge at the edge of the farm and escaped never to be seen again by any of the animals. Throughout the entire event, the animals felt completely helpless. They couldn't do anything but watch in of fear and shock that this could happen to their great leader. The dogs are believed to be led by comrade Napoleon. After Snowball is chased off, Napoleon took up the position of leader with the nine dogs as his royal guards. Soon after this event occurred, Snowball was believed to be allied with the other farms and had even been causing trouble on the farm at night, according to comrade Napoleon.
Snowball Disappears
Every day, after raising and bringing down the flag, all the animals would sing a song first taught to them by the old pig Major. After the battle of the windmill, Napoleon bans the singing of the "famous" song called "Beasts of England." He replaces it with a new song written by the pig Minimus. It goes like this. "Animal Farm, Animal Farm, Never through me shalt thou come to harm." Although, "Beasts of England" is a very special song to all the animals representing freedom from the previous slavery under the human, Jones. The new song however, will never be as glorious or magnificent as "Beasts of England" had been. The singing of this old, meaningful song was sadly banned. The punishment for singing "Beasts of England" is death. Unfortunately, no one will ever hear "Beasts of England" coming from inside animals farm ever again.

It has come to my attention that as Comrade Napoleon was trying to attain power and become the leader of Animal Farm he affected my reality. I believed Comrade Napoleon was a fantastic and inspirational leader and I thought he was changing Animal Farm for the better, but as I now have discovered and want to inform everyone about, is that Comrade Napoleon manipulated everyone around him to gain the singular and ultimate power over Animal Farm.
Napoleon has insisted that the windmill be rebuilt immediately after it was destroyed, both times, when the windmill was destroyed by the storm, and when men from the neighboring farms blow it up. Napoleon feels that snowball was involved in the destruction of the windmill both times, so he seeks immediate action after both instances to prove that he is in charge. Snowball needed to be eliminated because there were animals on the farm that still saw him as innocent. After the windmill was destroyed for the second time, Napoleon needed those who thought they would be able to destroy him to understand that he was not going to lose.
Wednesday, October 15, 2014
By: Kaylee, Sara, Caroline
Animals on the Farm
The Battle of the Windmill
Animal Farm is Attacked!
Animal Takeover
Animal Farm is attacked when Frederick from the neighboring farm and his men blow up the windmill. The animals say that it was like it had never been there at all. The animals gained courage at the sight of all their hard work wasted so suddenly and ran out from the safety of the barn to drive the attackers out or their home. They dodged bullets as they charged towards Frederick's men. When they got close, they faced sticks and kicks with heavy boots. Everyone was wounded, even Napoleon, and a cow, three sheep, and two geese were killed in the battle. Many of the men died in the battle as well. The animals drove Frederick's men off when Napoleon's nine dogs attacked from behind and scared the men. Frederick's men panic and run for their lives as he orders them to retreat. The animals chased them off the farm and won the battle, but it was only a partial victory because all the animals were wounded. They hear a gun fire from the farm announcing the animals' victory against Frederick and his men. The animals that died were given a solemn funeral and they decided that the battle should be called the Battle of the Windmill.
Boxer was not your average horse. He lived a short life, but to him, it was a meaningful life. Over the time period he succeeded in joining the rebellious group, and proved to be a strong leader. His life was filled with disappointments, but there were also great triumphs. Boxer was a great help with the rebellious group. He didn’t have many enemies, but he considered his fellow animal members friends. Sadly, Boxer got sick from working hard on the farm, so they sent him to the “hospital.” Turns out he actually went to a place where they kill horses. Overall, Boxer was a hard worker that everyone loved, and Boxer is greatly missed.

Napoleon - The pig who is portrayed as the leader of Animal Farm after the Rebellion. Napoleon uses military force (his nine loyal attack dogs) to intimidate the other animals and show his power. He is known for trickery and for being a harsh leader.
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