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No description

Fabian P8MF

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of NATURAL GAS

How natural gas is formed
Can kill you!
Careful while transporting!!!
Presentation by
Trevor and Fabian, P8MF
Formation and Usages
Transporting Natural Gas
Also Natural gas can be easily transported when changed to liquid.
Usages of Gas
Natural gas is used for many things
Not a high technology source
Can be extinguished
Not so bad with CO2 emission
Natural effects of gas
Natural gas causes many natural effects which builds up new environments
Natural gas is very easy to use.
Gas production and consumption caused changes in economies
Impacts from Natural Gas
Types of Natural Gas
Shale gas
Sour gas
Tight Gas
Coal-Bed Methane
There are many different types of Natural Gas
Against Global Warming
Looking deep through disadvantages there is a high advantage
Gas production statistics
Leakages cause bad smell
Use it according to safety rules!
Be considerate to others and make good use of gas
Good luck and we hope you enjoyed
One of the most common used energy sources in the world
Global Warming
Sadly, gas causes global warming
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