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Publix Tax Analyst

Career Shadowing 4/14/10

Jessamyn Johnson

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Publix Tax Analyst

Double click anywhere & add an idea PUBLIX TAX ANALYST The purpose of the company is that the company is a retail store. In 15 years this company will still be
around, although it will have more
money than ever. Some employability skills are that
you have to be able to maintain
certain hours and also able to
hold a decent job.
The average salary is 35k a year, the education needed for this position is a bachelors degree. The technology used is mainly computers. The social skills that are
needed for this job are
communicate with
customers responsibly. I would most likely not pursue a career with this company, this is because I would like to go into the medical field. The part I liked best about this job is that I was able to take my time in the work. The part I disliked about
this job was that you have
to use mostly math .
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