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Could Lincoln be the Great Emancipator AND a Racist?

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Katie Kilker

on 20 November 2017

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Transcript of Could Lincoln be the Great Emancipator AND a Racist?

Could Lincoln be the Great Emancipator AND a Racist?
Emancipator AND Racist?
Peoria Speech 1854

4th Douglas Debate Charleston 1858
Emancipation Proclamation 1863
Remarks on Colonization 1862
Letter to Hodges 1864
How Historians Interpret
Question originally asked by Stacy Hoefilch in Understanding Lincoln Course
Document Primary or Secondary Words Proves?

You should have this worksheet out as you follow along

Most of the sources I have selected come from the House Divided website edited by Matthew Pinsker. This is the online course I took this summer and I find the tools to be user friendly. You can choose to look more deeply into any source you choose. This particular site has a link to the annotated transcript, 3 different close readings on the speech done by former students of Professor Pinsker, a map, and the text of the speech.
Feel free to click on it
This is another page on the House Divided Website by Matthew Pinsker. This page again has the annotated transcript, a map, 2 close readings by former students of Pinsker, and an audio version of the debate.
This page, also done by Matthew Pinsker at the House Divided, has an abundance of information. Like the other pages, it has an annotated transcript, a map, and an audio version. It also has a close reading done by Professor Pinsker himself, as well as a section titled How Historians Interpret. Please be sure to read that section as well.
The following website is my close reading on Lincoln's Remarks on Colonization. There is a link to the transcript of the speech, a video of the close reading, and an audio of the speech. Please remember, you are doing this project to form your opinion, agreeing with me will not get you a better grade! Forming your own opinion and backing it up is the assignment!
This is another dynamite page by Matthew Pinsker which includes the annotated text, an audio version, a map, and a coveted video of a close reading as well as the ever important How Historians Interpret section.
Kansas Nebraska Act
Stephen Douglas
Opening Thoughts
In this video, Eric Foner explains people can depict Lincoln in many ways-your opinion, as long as it is based on fact, isn't wrong.
Lerrone Bennet Jr. Interview
Matthew Pinsker Interview
Final Decision
Now, review your notes and take a stance. Was Lincoln the Great Emancipator? Was Lincoln a Racist? Write a 400-700 word essay defending your take.
Works Cited
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Your task is to use the documents given to you to prove your opinion.
Before you begin:
Define Emancipator using the dictionary as well as your own thoughts and knowledge.
Define Racist using the dictionary as well as your own thoughts and knowledge
Be sure to have your worksheet out as well. It looks like this:
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