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Child Development

on 16 May 2013

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Dogs, not just pets
Man's Best Friend ! Professional Labor - Eco Dogs Professional Labor Eco dogs, are specially trained to aid scientists in specific tasks. These dogs are trained to pick up distinguishing scents. Once the dog has the ability to detect the specific scent he then is able to assist the scientist. These dogs are referred specifically as detection dogs. They are taught to sniff plants and animals that scientists alone are unable to find. They need the assistance of a super sniffing dog.
Dogs have about 225 million scent receptors, compared to humans who have about 5 million. These receptors, plus other parts of a dog's nose and brain help smell 10,000 to 100,000 times better than a person.
Common Breeds: Beagle, Border Collie, Cairn Terrier, German Shepherd, and Labrador Retriever. A seizure alert dog is a service dog that warns people with epilepsy of an oncoming attack minutes--sometimes hours --before it occurs. This allows the person to prepare: take medication, get to a hospital, find a safe place, or call for assistance.
Researchers and trainers have yet to discover how dogs detect an oncoming seizure in a human. Seizure alert dogs are born with this remarkable ability. Some who investigate this phenomena believe that dogs detect subtle changes in human behavior or scent before an episode occurs. The dogs exhibit attention getting behaviors such as whining, pawing, or anxious barking.
Trainers believe the behavior is not breed, age, or gender specific in dogs. Quality of Life-Seizure Alert Dogs Lift Every Voice and Sing!
Annel Mosqueda
Brittney Bruton
Elsa Ruiz
Emmett Price Objectives Children will learn what jobs dogs labor in Children will name 2-3 ways of how dogs help their community Children will learn how dogs improve quality of life Children will learn how dogs work in the disabled culture Children will learn 2-3 ways of caring for and training dogs Visual Displays 1. Police Dog
Breed:German Shepherd Parent Newsletter Arts & Crafts Hand print Dog craft Materials:
Construction paper
Wiggle eyes (optional) Instructions:
Place the hand of child on construction paper, keeping middle three fingers tightly together and the pinky and thumb spread away from the three finger. Trace around the hand. Cut out.
Color dogs nose and other spots on dog face. You can add wiggle eyes or have the children draw the eyes on their dog. Doggy 'D' Craft Materials:
Template of letter 'D' Instructions:
Once template is printed the children can color the letter 'D' as he/she wishes.
Cut out pieces and template shape.
Glue pieces to the letter D, nose, prints, ears, colar and mouth on the head. Pet therapy programs provide dogs for children to play with on the playground, at the park or in a hospital; fetching the ball. 2.Eco Dog: Beagle Pet Care! Dogs Need Love Too... Visit the veterinarian for routine booster shots and check-ups.
Bathe and groom your dog regularly, to keep away fleas.
Exercise! Dogs need to keep their muscles and heart healthy.
Give your dog fresh food and water on an everyday basis.
Provide shelter for your dog to keep them safe and warm. Dog Training Education with a Twist! 3.Guide Dog: Labrador 4. Search and Rescue Book Area * Eco Dogs
Author - Judith Bauer Stamper * Police Dogs - Helping to Fight Crime
Author - Alice B. McGinty * Guide Dogs
Looking Out for Sarah
Author - Glenna Lang
Illustrator - Glenna Lang * Pet Care
Puppies and Kittens
Author - Penelope Arlon
Illustrator - Tory Gordon-Harris Dramatic Play Dog Paper plate face masks: Materials:
Paper plates(or you can paint his face), black marker for
freckles, something to color with(or color picture template)
scissors, glue, construction paper, printer.
Optional: you can substitute wiggly eyes for the template
eyes, paint stir sticks, thin strip of wood or tongue depressors.
Paint the bottom of the paper plate gray (or you can leave it white if you prefer). Print out the template of choice.
Colour (where appropriate) and cut out the template pieces. Most of the pieces are simple enough shapes for young children to cut out, but if needed, an adult can help with some of the harder pieces (the ears and the hair). Glue the pieces to the plate to make a dog face:
Glue the ears onto either side of the head.
Glue the hair onto the center top of the head.
Glue the eyes onto the face under the hair (or cut out holes for eyes in a mask). Glue eyebrows above the eyes. Glue the nose under the eyes.
Use a black marker to add a few freckles on either side of the nose.
OPTIONAL: If making a mask, use masking tape or duct tape to attach a thin strip of wood, a Tongue Depressorcrafts or a Paint Stir Stickcrafts (often free at paint supply and home repair stores -- no more than $1 -- we get dad to pick one up now and then when he's at home depot admiring the tools *grin*) Guide Dogs * A guide dog is a highly trained dog that acts as a mobility aid to blind and visually impaired people. It provides not only mobility but gives freedom and independence as well as being a faithful and loving companion. * Walk in a straight line in the center of the pavement unless there is an obstacle.
Not to turn corners unless told to do so.
To stop at kerbs and wait for the command to cross the road, or to turn left or right * Amazingly they are taught to judge height and width so that its owner does not bump their head or shoulder * How to deal with traffic?

Matching the correct dog with the correct owner takes skill and experience. The owner’s length of stride, height and lifestyle all contribute to the type of guide dog they will be matched with.
Dog and owner will spend up to four weeks of intensive training together until they qualify together. The visually-impaired owner often pays only a token 50p for their dog. The guide dog is then awarded a white or yellow harness. Music Science and Sensory Microchips for Pets Microchips are used by animal shelters, animal control officers, and veterinarians to return lost pets quickly to their owners. Many shelters place chips in all out placed animals.

Microchips are implanted in dogs and cats below the skin at the back of the neck between the shoulder blades. The chip can often be felt under the skin. Thin layers of connective tissue form around the implant and hold it in place.

Microchips can activate some pet doors that are programmed to recognize specific animals.

Register pet information online once the chip has been planted. (A fee may be applied) Instructions: Puppies are very good at learning and it is fun to train them.
Train your puppy to:
lie down
roll over
where a leash
* Give your dog a treat and say "good dog" when it gets it right.* * Sheep Herding
Brave Dogs, Gentle Dogs
Author and Illustrator - Cat Urbigkit * Pet Therapy
Rosie - A visiting dog's story
Author - Stephanie Calmenson
Illustrator - Justin Sutciffe Materials: Paper bags,
Scraps of construction paper, glue
Scissors, Markers or crayons
Optional - googly eyes, pipe cleaners for whiskers.
Instructions: Cut out ears, eyes, a nose, and a tongue.
Glue the tongue inside the mouth.
Glue the eyes, nose, and ears to the dog's face. Paper Bag Puppets Playground Visual Display Block Area Guide Dog interview 6. Police dog: 7. Eco Dog: 8. Guide dog: 9. Pet Therapy Dog: 10. Pet Care Dogs Matching puzzle game Get magazines and make your own collage of
different dogs you and your child see!
Construction paper Theme: Pets
Topic: Dogs Don't forget! Easy fun reminder for your child to learn responsibility and so that your furry friend won't skip a meal! Materials: 1 construction paper (any color)
Crayons or markers Children will learn what jobs dogs labor in
Childre will name 2-3 ways of how dogs help their community
Children will learn how dogs improve quality of life
Children will learn how dogs work in the disabled culture
Children will learn 2-3 ways of caring for and training dogs Quick tip to develop child's responsibility skills
Share chores in pet caring, set up a schedule and discuss importance in following the schedule with child. Pet therapy dogs Greg &
Phinnal Children will match the dog to the corresponding job or owner. Children will match the color of felt dog with same color dog house. Children will have their own dog bone with their name on it. There will be dog food trays which will have classroom jobs for children to be in charge of. Research shows that, interactions with animals can reduce our stress levels and increase our sense of well being. Our anxiety leaves as we stroke or play with our pets.Pet therapy dogs have been a motivation to people of all ages and are an excellent source of an educational program Animal Assistance therapy visitations to the elderly or hospitals are developed in order to improve human physical, social, emotional, and cognitive functioning. According to the animal behavior institute. German Shepherds are used widely as police dogs and sometimes military dogs.
These dogs are excellent scent dogs. They are trained to sniff out drugs, bombs, and in search and rescue missions
Dogs have super sensitive smell. Out of all his senses, smell is the main sense a dog relies on.
German Shepherds are considered to be the third most intelligent dog breed behind the border collie and the poodle German Shepherds are known as police dogs that help the police to solve crimes. They are a major part of law enforcement. National search and rescue dogs are used to search for missing people, elderly and confused persons, and victims of crime. Search Dogs are trained to find missing people by various means such as air scenting, trailing and tracking.
These dogs can help find people after earthquakes, fires and other natural disasters. Instructions: Cut two circles to make the shape of dogs face.
Glue together around edges except top left and right corners.
Decorate dog's face with crayons or markers
Create dog ears (2). On one side of ear with marker write Feed Me, on the other side write Thank You.
Insert both ears in open flaps in top right and left corners. When you child has fed your pet turn the ears over saying "Thank you" and you and your child will have a schedule and reminder to make sure your furry friend is being fed!
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