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christine ha

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Saturn

Saturn got it's name by from
Roman mythology. They named it after a Roman God they have. The Gods name is Agriculture. On Saturdays they would call it Saturn day in honor of the God. Saturn is the Roman name for Cornus.
Saturn was a character of a Roman mythology. Saturn was said to carry a sickle in his left hand and a bundle of wheat his right hand. Saturn was the son of Helen and he's wife is Ops(the equivalent of Rhea). He is the father of Ceres, Jupiter and Veritas. Also no body realized that Saturn had rings, until Galileo looked into his telescope.
The distance from the sun and Earth
The distance from Saturn to the Sun is
1 400 000 000 km or you could say 9.6 AU away. That's why Saturn is very cold and made out of frozen gas. The distance from Saturn to Earth is very far as well. It is about 1 200 000 000 km or 7 AU.
How Saturn got it's name?
Diameter of planet
How long it takes to orbit the sun
Planet characteristics
Special features
Can humans live on it?
Interesting Facts
1. Saturn is the second largest planet in the solar system.
2. You can't stand on Saturn if you do you can sink in the planet.
3. Saturn's rings are made of small and big pieces of rock and ice.
4. Saturn spins very slowly
around the sun. One year on
Saturn is more than 29 years
on Earth.
5. An Italian astronomer
Galileo uses his telescope,
to see Saturn's rings.
6. Other planets have
rings but, Saturn 's rings can be seen from Earth with a telescope.
Saturn is the second biggest planet and the sixth planet in the solar system. Saturn is made out of frozen gas. Another word for Saturn is a giant gas. Saturn doesn't have a solid surface. If you land on Saturn you would just sink inside. The color of Saturn is yellowish-brownish color. The temperature in Saturn is -180 degrees Celsius. That is why humans cant live on Saturn. Saturn is atmosphere is made out of hydrogen, helium,methane and ammonia. The other layers of Saturn is molecular hydrogen and Metallic hydrogen, it is made out of gas and liquid. The core of Saturn is made of iron, nickel, and rock. It is very hot like the sun.
Humans cannot live on Saturn because its made out of gas. So, you would just sink though. Saturn doesn't have water, land or air. Also Saturn's temperature is about - 130 degrees Celsius which is too cold. Saturn doesn't have a solid surface so you couldn't stand on it
7. Saturn has a small rocky core with liquid gas around it
8. The first spacecraft to fly by Saturn
was the Pioneer 11. It blasted of in

Saturn has a diameter about 120,000 km or = 0.000802150455 AU which is about 1 AU. It is almost 10 times bigger in diameter then Earth. The Earth's diameter is 12, 742 km. That is a difference of 107,258 km in diameter. Since Jupiter is the biggest planet it has a diameter of 139, 822. That is a difference of 19,822 km.
Saturn has many special features which includes moons. Saturn has about 56 moons some of Saturn's moons are Enceladus, Lapetus, Mimas, Rhea and Titan. Also Saturn has many rings, the rings are grouped which is called divisions. There are 7 groups of rings but, the exact number is unknown. The rings are made of rock and ice. There is a bright spot on Saturn which is a huge storm. When you would go near Saturn you would see it's yellow and white frozen clouds. Those clouds are made of ice particles
Saturn's storm spot
Saturn's clouds
This is the color of Saturn
This is the
inside of
It takes Saturn 29.45 years to orbit the sun. Saturn is the sixth planet in the solar system (9.6 AU) away from the sun. Therefore, it has a longer distance to orbit the sun.

If Saturn is angled, it would orbit the northern hemisphere which Saturn receives more of the sun's emission. However, the other half of Saturn, the southern hemisphere receives the sunlight. The axis of Saturn is 26.7 degrees. By:Christine
By: Christine and Karina
By: Christine and Karina
By: Christine and Karina
By: Karina
By: Christine
The End
1 AU= 1 500 000 000 km
Here is a video :)
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