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Mandala art lesson

An introduction to Tibetan sand mandalas for a middle school art class.

Molly Conway

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Mandala art lesson

WHat are they?
Mandalas are geometric designs
that symbolize the universe.
A circle never ends...

used in Tibetan meditation, Gothic cathedral windows, Aztec calendar stones, Navajo sand paintings, art therapy, psychotherapy, Aboriginal and Buddhist ceremonies
what does the word mandala actually mean?
Manda = "essence"
la = "container"
So, the word mandala means
"a container of essence"
"Sacred Circle"
Where does the mandala start?
A mandala starts in the center and the energy emanates outward.
..like ripples in a pond.
oh yeah..
these are made using sand (although you can make them of any materials)
they begin by planning the design and marking the surface.
Each person takes a section and begins working.
And keeps working..
..until it is finished.
According to ancient beliefs, sand mandalas give you positive energy. it's traditional to pray while you make a mandala and ask God for positivity and healing
for anyone of any faith, a mandala is a symbol of healing, positive energy, meditation, creativity, self-expression
Don't be sad...
remember that
nothing is permanent! Everything ends after it's
job is done. The mandala did it's job of bringing
peace and positivity
to all who
saw it.
How does this work?
After it's finished, the mandala is blessed. then, the whole thing is swept up and the sand is washed into flowing water! This shows that nothing is permanent.
What would have happened if a monk sneezed?
If the sand became disturbed, the monks would have corrected it by pouring new sand.
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