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The 60's Are All THAT!

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M. C.

on 23 May 2012

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Transcript of The 60's Are All THAT!

THE 60'S!
The 60's were a time in
which fun flourished plentifully.
It was a norm in any sixties household
to have at least a couple Beatles and
Beach Boys records. But let's not forget
"Simon & Garfunkle" who brought us hits
such as: "Song of silence" and "Leaves that
are green"
One of the most famous
music groups of the sixties
were the Beach Boys. This English
group supported the "hippie
movement" as evident from
many of their songs such as: "Psychedelic Sounds" and "Good Vibrations."
List Of sixties actors
Clint Eastwood
Robert Duvall
Sean Connery (James Bond)
Yvonne Craig (Batgirl)
Elizabeth Montgomery
(Samantha Stevens~Bewitched)
Recreation & Leisure
Of the 60's
During the 60's the typical
recreational and leisure activities observed
were much like the recreational
and leisure activities
we observe today. Much focus
was put on swimming, golfing,
bowling, going to the movies, and
listening to records during this time.
Diners were extremely popular
during the 60's as they provided
both hip music and burgers.
During the 60's most of the populous
was underweight and chose to dine out
rather than in.
McDonald's was extremely popular
during the sixties, as well as Pizza Hut.
Common Food of the Sixties
Fast food
Vegetable based foods
TV dinners
Pizza Hut
In the summer of 1958
two college roommates in
Wichita, KS devised a plan for
what would become the nation's
most successful "pizza joint."
Unfourtannately it would never
get the recognition it deserved
because of a new business by the
name of McDonald's. In the years that
followed the creation of these companies,
McDonald's would appear to be the next
big thing.
When we think of the sixties
we think of JFK, Martin Luther King Jr., and the iconic Marilyn Monroe.
Yes JFk with his untimely assassination, Marilyn Monroe,
with her uncanny wardrobe malfunctions,
and Martin Luther King who had a dream. All of these icons have shaped our future.
Marilyn Monroe
June 1, 1926-August 5,1962
Known For:
Iconic dress malfunction
Marilyn Monroe's death
expressed the idea that drugs were a
serious problem and could take down
the best of us.
(Johnathan Fitzgerald
May 29,1917-November 22,1963
35th president of the U.S
During JFK's time as
president he helped to further the Apollo
program whom eventually became the first
to successfully land on the moon.
Martin Luther King Jr.
January 15th, 1929- April 4th, 1968

Leader of the Civil Rights movement

Made the "I had A dream speech" at
the Washington Monument which led to the passing
of a law stating that "coloreds" were equal to whites.
The sixties were a
time of great invention.
Many great household names
such as: the hand held calculator,
the cassette disk, and the computer
were created in this age of fun and
Invention timeline
Halogen Lamp
Non diary creamer
Audio cassette
First computer game
Video disk
Acrylic paint
G.I. Joe action figure
Soft compact disk
Compact Disk
Electronic fuel injector
First hand held calculator
Computer mouse
Computer with circuit
RAM (random access memory)
First internet
Artificial heart
Bar code scanner
Of the many decades the U.S
has watched go by, the sixties
was by far the most politically
consumed. During the sixties
candidates were payed close
attention to as the American people
felt they needed the right leader
to command their already troubled
nation. With issues like "The Space Race"
and the Cold War, there could never have been any more important presidential elections than that of the elections of 1961 and 1969.
During his time in
office John F. Kennedy was
involved in an adult scandal
in which he was accused of "sleeping
around" with his intern, prostitutes,
and even Marilyn Monroe.
Adolf Eichman:
This young character
was accused of being a Nazi leader during
World War Two and was put on trial
because of it. He was convicted of this horrible
crime and sentenced to death.
John F. Kennedy
Lyndon B. Johnson
Richard M. Nixon
Presidents of the 60's
Harold Holt:
On December 17,1967
Australian prime minister Harold Holt
went out for a swim and never returned.
And no one knows why. It is assumed that
Harold drowned at sea.
Conflicts of the 60's
Civil War
Vietnam War
Cuban Missile Crisis
Bay of Pigs
The fashion sense of everyone
involved in the 1960's can best
be described as uncanny and
undefinable. For instance a typical
outfit in the sixties for a teenage
girl would probably involve bell bottom
pants, Bermuda shirts and sometimes
even sweater dresses.
List Of Fashions
in the 60's
Women Fashions
Bell Bottoms
Mini Skirts
Bermuda shirts
Sweater dresses
Puff skirts
Box shaped PVC dresses
Men Fashions
Polo shirts
Highwater pants
Leather jackets
Patterned flannel
"The Afro"
"The Flip"
"The French twist"
"The Beatle's cut"
"Long and straight"
"The Poof"
Gogo boots
Pimp hats
Various bags
Fake eyelashes
The 60's, a time marked by the
destruction of greatness and creations
that would shape our future. Such events as the first Woodstock festival held in1969,
the assassination of JFK, and the
Civil Rights Movement, offered many contributions to the ever growing culture of the U.S.
Woodstock Festival
The Woodstock music festival is
best known to all of us as a time
of adultery, drugs, and all out fun.
The Woodstock festival of 1969
took place during August 15-18. In
the beginning, the Woodstock festival
of 1969 was perceived as a three day
music concert, but as soon it progressed,
it became evident that not only was this
festival just a music concert but the base
for a future movement which would forever
be known as the hippie lifestyle.
Assassination of JFK
On November 23rd,1963
our nation lost an inspirational
character. For it was on this day
that the 35th president of the
United States, John F. Kennedy
was assassinated by alias Lee
Harvey Oswald. Oswald was arrested,
and was prepared to go to trial, but
that all ended two days later when a
Dallas nightclub owner shot and killed
him as he made his way across the street.
And so justice is served.
Charles Manson and
the Manson Family
Charles Manson is known
for his involvement in the cult
known as "the Family". The Family
(led by Charles Manson himself)
was known for it's bizarre murders.
At the scene of which they would leave
a marking such as: political pig, helter
skelter, or death to pigs.
The infamous slaughter of Polish actor
Sharon Tate and four others is regarded as
the Manson families most famous crime.
In the fall of 1969 Charles Manson was arrested
along with his "family members" for this murder
and later sentenced to life in prison. During his trial Manson tried to plead insanity, even going as far to say that he was Jesus Christ and it was his victims time to go.
African Americans were included as equals
America was forced to hold an emergency election after the assassination of JFK
Hippies were introduced to the American populous
America's fashion sense changed after the sixties
The music of the sixties
was so completely dominated
by the rock and pop age that
it left very little room for any other
genre to shine. And it was easy to see why, with artist like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkle, and Bob Dylan.
Music of the 60's
Rock (Primary)

Artists of the 60's
The Beatles
Simon and Garfunkle
Bob Dylan
Jim Morrison
Jimi Hendrix
The Beatles are all

Of the many musicians of the 60's
the Beatle's were by far the best
musicians of the 60's. With an ever growing fan base, the Beatle's fame quickly skyrocketed soon after they formed in 1960. For a decade the Beatle's would bring hits to the world such as: Love me Do and Please Please Me. George, John, Paul, and Ringo truly are the grandest of bands.
In Fact the 60's music inspired future artists' compositions as evident from the following video...
The 1960's were in no shape or form the most morally consumed decade. Most of the values practiced in the sixties are still practiced today, as both decades have many similarities.
People of color had no rights up until the Civil Rights Movement
Women were treated as somewhat equals to males
Valuable Views
Movements and Revolutions
Civil Rights Movement
Counterculture movement
New Left
Peace movement
The Women's Liberation movement
Bogart- to hog something
Chinese Fire drill- getting out at a stoplight and having some fun
Dove- anti war a pacifist
Far Out- meaning cool
Dude- to describe your buddy
Babe- to describe a good looking girl
Flower Child- a hippie
Sayings and Slang of the 60's
Family time
True Values
The economy of the 1960's
left little to be desired as it closely
resembled that of the 21st century.
However there was a time in which
a can of coke cost 5 cents. How great
does that sound.

5.5%- as of 1969
Teachers/ Educators- due to the New Left revolution
of the sixties
Unemployment Rate
Effects of the
New Left revolution
During the sixties, a group
known as the New Left formed made up
of college students banded together
and sought to reform many political
and educational advances. Because of
this members of the New Left were forced
to create the Free Speech movement, which
gave college students a chance to voice their
opinions of their professors. And so, many
educators were forced to flee their jobs for
fear of retaliation against them committed by
the New Left and SDS (it's sister group).
Gallon of gas-$0.31
This production
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