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No description

Colby Vang

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Schooled

Capricorn Anderson and his grandmother "Rain" are living at a place called Garland. They live as if it were still the sixties.
Capricorn Anderson, the main character, gets arrested for driving with no license but the officer decides to let him go. Then, while his grandmother, Rain, was picking plums in a tree, she falls off and breaks her hip, so she goes to the hospital.
A lady names Floramundi Donnelly told Capricorn that he is going to stay at her house for a few weeks because his only guardian is his grandmother Rain.
Rising Action
Capricorn is sent to a school called Claverage Middle School and people start bullying him but as time goes on, he does good things to the school like planning the school Halloween Dance.
Capricorn gets popular when he drives the bus to the hospital when the bus driver had a hard attack.
Zach Powers, and antagonist, doesn't like Capricorn and plans on putting him in a prep rally with a jersey of a rival team of the school. As a result, the football team all tackle Capricorn.
One of the football players, Darryl Pennyfield, feels bad and figures out that Zach had planned it. Darryl feels like as if he was setup and tries to punch Zach. Instead, he punches Capricorn as Capricorn is talking about nonviolence to them.
Falling Action
People at Claverage Middle School start getting worried because Capricorn isn't there to help with the Halloween Dance.
Rumors go around that Capricorn is dead.
Students at Claverage Middle School decide to throw a party in the school parking lot as a tribute to Capricorn Anderson as the greatest eight grade president ever.
Capricorn arrives to the party and everyone is happy to see that he is there.
Capricorn is at home when he sees a car arrive at his house.
At first he sees an unrecognized person step out of the car. Then, he notices that it his grandmother Rain.
She tells him that she has become civilized and that she sold Garland for seventeen million dollars.
Rain then tells him that he will go back to Claverage Middle School as their new condo that they will live in is still being built.
Gordon Korman
Colby Vang
Block 4

Capricorn is told by Rain, who is in the ambulance with him when Darryl Pennyfield accidentally punched him, that he will go back to Garland.
The setting takes place at Claverage Middle School in the present.
Work Cited
Korman, Gordon. Schooled. New York: Hyperion for Children, 2007. Print.
The symbol for this book is the peace sign. The peace sign can represent the main character Capricorn Anderson who stays peaceful throughout the whole book even through all the bullying that has happened to him.
External Conflict:
Man vs Man-Zach Powers has been trying to make a fool out of Capricorn Anderson since Capricorn's first day at Claverage Middle School.
Internal Conflict:
Man vs Self- Capricorn Anderson has to adjust to all he new events that has occurred to him such as people bullying him at school.
The theme of the book is facing reality. Capricorn Anderson was coming to face reality because he started going to a modern school and his grandmother saw that she had to become more modern because it isn't the old days anymore and his grandmother said he should too.
Capricorn Anderson is a flat and static protagonist in Schooled. He is an eighth grader who throughout the book has been a nice and calm hippie even through all the bullying he has been through. Even at the end, he learns a lot but still is kind and peaceful.
What I liked in Schooled was how Capricorn Anderson was so nice and through all the nice things he did, he made a mean and bully filled school to a nice and loving school. This book is recommended to Middle School students because Schooled is a story about how a strange and weird but nice and kind kid becomes everybody's friend.
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