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logan schoen

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of Timeline

By: Michael Crichton

Born in Chicago in 1942.
He always loved sci-fi/ science mystery books as a child.
Attended Harvard Medical School.
Considered one of the greatest authors of all time.
His works have been published in over 35 different languages.
Crichton, in 1999, had
published and in 2003, made into a movie.
Professor Johnston- He is a history professor and his archaeological team works for ITC.
Andre Marek- He is Johnston's main archaeologist and later his rescuer.

Man vs. Man
- There are multiple battles and struggles throughout the entire book; that include sword fights and hand to hand combat.

Michael Crichton
Man vs. Self
- Andre Marek doesn't know if he
should stay in the 14th century which he loves,
or if he should go back to the current time
period with his team.

Point of View
The story is written in 3rd person limited.
It would be too overwhelming if we knew everything about every character.
It would take away from the flow of the book.
A company called ITC, who sponsors an archaeologist team, is working on developing quantum technology. ITC loses the professor in 14th century France and his archeology team go back to rescue him; however the team only has 37 hours to get Professor Johnston back to the current time period. Marek and the others learn that Johnston is being held captive by Lord Oliver and they soon find themselves in one of the historic battles they used to study about.
, Crichton shows that
what happened in the past shaped the present day, and what happens today, will shape the future. The decisions that the characters make
change their lives forever.

Robert Doniger- He is the CEO of ITC.
Lord Oliver- 14th century King of Castlegard, which is the site the archaeologists are working on.
- Andre Marek loves living on the edge in the past; so he makes the choice to stay behind.
- The choices we make impact the course of our future.

This book is very well written.
is a great book for people who enjoy books involving war and physical conflicts.
It is very suspenseful; it will always keep you on the edge of your seat.
- However, Crichton does use quite a
few curse words.
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