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Monuments of Rizal

No description

Rhizza Sombilon

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of Monuments of Rizal

Monuments of Rizal
Angga, Francesco
Buensuceso, Brainard
Fernandez, Jerome
Sombilon, Rhizza

a memorial stone or a building erected in remembrance of a person or event

-a building or place that is important because of when it was built or because of something in history that happened there

According to the Philippine Embassy in Mexico, Reyes thanked Mexican officials for acknowledging Rizal' s role in the Philippines' struggle for freedom and independence.

Plaza Mexico-Filipinas dedicated to historical figures important to the Philippines and Mexico.
Monuments of Rizal
Singapore (Asian Civilization Museum Green)

Australia (Rizal Park, campbell town; Rizal Park, Blacktown; Rizal Park, City of Ballasat; Sydney's Central Train Station; Statue in Ashfield; a street named in Campbell town)

China (Rizal Park, Fujian Province [in size, the largest monument to Rizal])

Japan (Tokyo)

Germany (Berlin, Wilhemseld, Potsdam)
Italy (Rome)
Belgium (Ghent)

US (Seattle WA, Rizal Park and Bridge; Chicago, IL (Rizal Park); Juneau, Alaska, Jersey City, NJ (Rizal Park); New York City, NY; Honolulu, Kauai and Lihue (all Hawaii)

Argentina: Buenos Aires; Chile: Santiago de Chile; Cuba: Havana; and Mexico: Mexico City

The Philippines
-too many
-6 notable places
CZECH Republic
Dr. Jose Rizal stayed in Czech in the 1800s
Rizal and Blumentritt's friendship
the german government decided to erect a statue for Rizal in Heidelberg as response to Rizal' s mentioning of the place in his poem entitled,
"to the flowers in Heidelberg"
New Jersey
- was inspired by the many filipino americans living in the immediate area.

-spot is called the Rizal Memorial Park which is situated in Memorial Grove, all which is a part of Cooper River Park run by Camden Country Parks.
monument was erected in the 1990’s through a City Council resolution designating the site as a memorial commemorating the National Hero of the Philippines, through the efforts of the thriving Filipino community in Jersey City, NJ.
- main focal point in seattle's rizal park which was dedicated to the hero in 1979. the park sits on Beacon Hill.
it is the state's commemoration to Rizal and his achievements

-was erected during his centennial in 1996 inaugurated 5th of December 2006.

-It is located in a busy street called Avenida de Filipinas ( The Phlippines Avenue) and near a Metro or Subway station called Islas de Filipinas.

The very first full-size statue of Dr. Jose P. Rizal in Southern California was unveiled in a grand ceremony held on 29 September 2012 at the International Sculpture Garden located in Carson City, California.

-the bronze statue stands nearly 7feet on top of a 6foot tall granite base

-funded by the JPR Monument Movement.

- dedicated during the commemoration of Rizal's 100th birth anniversary

-rizal first went to Japan in 1888 while impersonating a japanese man as he traveled across the country.

-Rizal met O Sei-san while strolling in Hibiya Park
-The Dr. Jose R. Rizal Monument Movement, Inc. (JPRMM), led by Chairman Chito Mandap, was the first to respond to the 50 plus letters that Mayor Dear and the City of Carson had sent out to various international delegations by way of the numerous Consulates and Embassies in LA and beyond.
Making this even more attractive for Carson was the fact that financial aspects of this project were already covered - since there was already an established committee, in addition to the fact that the statue itself, which was created by the respected artist Abdulmari Imao, was a gift from the Republic of the Philippines.

-Oct 26 2012
-President Benigno S. Aquino III led the unveiling ceremony of the statue of Philippine national hero Dr. Jose Rizal at a park

According to Mr. Pres. Benigno Aquino:
Rizal statue “shows how not only the economic contributions of Filipinos, but also their history and culture, are increasingly being recognized in Australia.”
-five meter bronze statue was made and donated by well known artist, sculptor and designer
-Eduardo Castrillo, who also made the tallest monument of our national hero in Calamba City, Laguna.
-The sculpture monument portrays Rizal during his colorful stay in Europe, holding the first book he wrote entitled “NOLI ME TANGERE”.

-Singapore in cooperation with Filipino authorities unveiled a bronze relief of Jose Rizal.

-The monument is located in front of the Asian Civilization Museum[an elegant British colonial building it’s near the historic Cavenagh Bridge.
The bust relief was fabricated by Peter de Guzman from a Guillermo Tolentino original.

There are two sides; the relief faces the Museum while the picture of a painting by Fabian de la Rosa is on other side opposite the Singapore River.

-The shrine is described in the memorial wall as "surrounded with blooming flowers and greenery, grand and impressive monument."

-The Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry and 7 other organizations proposed to build a Rizal Shrine here to commemorate Rizal's Chinese roots.

Rizal was the 22nd generation descendant of the first generation Ke family whose roots are in Shang Guo village in Jinjiang. Rizal's great-great grandfather was Domingo Lameo, or Ke Yi Nan in Chinese, who immigrated to the Philippines.

The Rizal Shrine stands as a symbol of friendship between China and the Philippines. According to the Knights of Rizal, it is the biggest Rizal Shrine outside of the Philippines.

In 1999, then-President Joseph Estrada and then-Chinese Ambassador Fu Ying laid the foundation for the memorial.

Construction of the Rizal Shrine here started in 2003 and was completed that same year.

1861, the year Rizal was born, was used as basis for the height of the monument--18.61 meters.
- 5-hectare Rizal Park in Jinjiang,Guangzhou City, Fujian province, China.
In different countries
-1998, a bronze bust of Rizal
- was erected along a trail within Hibiya Park, a large public park next to the Imperial Palace.
-According to historians, the bust is located at the site of the Tokyo Hotel, where Rizal stayed in February and March 1888 before going to Europe.

4 a.m. - 11:30 p.m.


On the west side of Beacon Hill, Dr. Jose Rizal Park has an amazing view of south Downtown and Elliott Bay. The park has a dog off-leash area at its north end, and picnic tables, restrooms, and a small play area for children to the south.

Acreage: 9.6
Drafted in 1975, the Master Plan for Dr. Jose Rizal Park later had to be altered significantly due to difficulties with the park site and funding. Nevertheless, it is a central document in the history of the park, giving a narrative history of the park area and early illustrations of the Filipino community's vision.

There are only two Asian honored in the Asian Civilization Museum green, the other is Ho Chi Minh.

Singapore recognizes the works of Rizal and his visits to the city island.

-His diary entries during his first trip [en route to Barcelona] was most useful.

-Believe it or not you could still find the places he visited just by reading his diary. Most of the places he visited are still standing, the only exception of the hotel [Hotel de la Paix] where he lodged [Peninsula Hotel today]. Here he read German magazines while waiting for his diner that he complain, took forever to be served.

- The Masonic lodge sits right across the road where Hotel de la Paix is located [his lodging was certainly arranged by his Masonic connection], one of the three principal hotels during the time of his visit.

-The Raffles hotel was said to be the finest.
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