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Ave Verum Corpus

Motet masterpiece by Mozart

Alex Chang

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Ave Verum Corpus

Ave Verum Corpus Costanze 1762 - 1842 Tom Hulce as Amadeus, 1984 Murray Abraham as Antonio Salieri, 1984 聖體頌 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756 - 1791 聖體頌 真實的聖體,
為了人類, 在十字架上受苦並且犧牲生命。

請垂憐我。阿們。 14 世紀 教宗 Innocent 四世 手稿來自阿爾卑斯山下、萊茵河畔修道院
Abbey of Reichenau, Lake Constance. 聖餐禮儀式中的經文頌歌 天主教將聖餐稱為聖體聖事(Eucharist in the Catholic Church),為七件聖事之一,並相信無酵餅和葡萄酒在神父祝聖時化成基督的體血(神學術語中稱之為「變體」,trans-substantiation)。基督新教徒一般不認同此觀點。 「這是我的身體,為你們捨的。你們應當如此行,為的是記念我。」 哥林多前書 11:23 1791年 St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna 四月宮廷樂長Leopold Hofmann重病,莫札特有機會透過寫作宗教音樂賺取更多收入。 六月受Baden教會合唱指揮,
友人Anton Stoll所託寫「聖體頌」,
於Baden教會聖餐禮上首演。 寫作當時,正在進行唐喬望尼的創作 這首經文歌也為之後的「安魂曲」
巨作埋下了伏筆。 莫札特版「聖體頌」
Ave Verum Corpus, K618 Ave verum corpus, natum

De Maria Virgine,

Vere passum, immolatum

In cruce pro homine,

Cujus latus perforatum

Unda fluxit et sanguine,

Esto nobis praegustatum

In mortis examine. 真實的聖體,







餵養我們到萬代! 柴可夫斯基:

"莫札特是至高、至美的極致。" Mozart is the highest, the culminating point that beauty has attained in the sphere of music.
- (Tchaikovsky) A phenomenon like Mozart remains an inexplicable thing.
- (Goethe) 歌德:
"莫札特現象至今仍是難以解釋的事情" 柴可夫斯基:
"莫札特是音樂救世主" Mozart is the musical Christ.
- (Tchaikovsky) 奧地利鋼琴家 Schnabel:
"小孩覺得簡單、大人覺得太難。" too easy for children, too difficult for adults.
- (Artur Schnabel) Mozart combines serenity, melancholy, and tragic intensity into one great lyric improvisation. Over it all hovers the greater spirit that is Mozart's-the spirit of compassion, of universal love, even of suffering--a spirit that knows no age, that belongs to all ages.
- (Leonard Bernstein) 伯恩斯坦:
"莫札特把寧靜、憂鬱和悲劇張力集成一股偉大的抒情即興創作 -- 莫札特精神集合了慈悲、悲憫和宇宙的至愛 -- 一種超越時空、跨越時代的精神。" What a picture of a better world you have given us, Mozart!
- (Franz Schubert) 舒伯特:
"莫札特,你給了我們更美好的世界啊!" Sotto Voce [Latin: "Under Voice"] In music, sotto voce denotes a dramatic lowering of the vocal or instrumental volume — not necessarily pianissimo, but a definitely hushed quality. 1984 米開朗基羅:聖殤 Pietà (1498–1499) 莫札特至Baden拜訪懷第六胎的妻子。 ('to love')
the imperative of the word amare God. Love God!
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