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SESH Haiti Trip 2011

No description

Emily Carlip

on 29 August 2011

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Transcript of SESH Haiti Trip 2011

SESH HAITI TRIP By Emily Carlip, July 18, 2011 What's SESH? "Structural Engineering Students for Haiti" Student initiated & run, not affiliated with Cal Poly.

Started as Cal Poly SEAOC Spring Break trip.
Originally with Professor James Mwangi's organization, Mennonite Central Committee.
Then became a trip with Haiti Engineering. Created by Herby Lissade, Leogane native, Caltrans Engineer, Chief, Office of Emergency Management SESH Goals: Engineering: Experience the effects of poor design in seismic areas
Service: Develop a holistic view of our education
Leadership: Promote initiative and social responsibility

Create instead of eliminate jobs
Encourage the community to expect safer structures
Positively effect the community for longer than a week Students: Haitians: Introduction Trip Itinerary Next Steps Lessons
Learned Social: Engineering: Leadership: Carole's House: Future Projects: Cal Poly recognition
Future projects with HE: Schools, Community Centers, Homes?
Renovate Leogane compound
Trip Report, Media Outlets
Defining what SESH can be Thanks for listening!
Any Questions? Bring together a group of professionals to develop a plan to help restore the Infrastructure throughout the Island Nation of Haiti.
Prepare the Island for all hazards that they might encounter by using emergency management techniques and methods.
Instill in the people that they are the most important resource on the Island, the "Human Capital" Their Mission:
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