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Brumaire Coup

No description

luke head

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of Brumaire Coup

Napoleons rise to power The Brumaire Coup What was it? Coup within coup The coup d'état which General Napoleon Bonaparte used to overthrow the French Directory and replace it with the French Consulate. This happened on the 9th of November 1799. Plotting to overthrow On the morning of 18 Brumaire, members of the Council of Ancients sympathetic to the coup warned their colleagues of a Jacobin conspiracy and persuaded them to leave and go to the Château de Saint-Cloud, near Paris. Napoleon was charged with the safety of the two Councils.

The resignation of three of the five Directors prevented a quorum and so basically abolished the Directory, but the two Jacobin Directors, Gohier and Moulin, continued to protest furiously. Both men were arrested by Napoleon's ally, General Moreau, and by the following day they were forced to give up their resistance. The Coup By the following day, the deputies had, mostly, realized that they were facing an attempted coup rather than being protected from a Jacobin rebellion. Faced with their denial, Napoleon stormed into the chambers, escorted by a small force of grenadiers. While perhaps unplanned, this proved to be the coup in the coup ,this was the point where it became clear that it was a military affair. The directors had decided that they needed to change the system of election by using an army and for this they needed the support of a famous general. This fitted very well with Napoleons plans and so he hurried to paris to meet with Abbe Sieyes, a director, and the plot was hatched.

Deputies in the council were bribed to support the plot. They also persuaded the council members to move away from the inner city to the country so that they would be safely away from the revolutionary radicals in Paris for their own safety. They set up Lucien, Napoleon's brother , in a position of power in the council of 500 so that they would have a strong political foothold. The 19 Brumaire The Directory was crushed, but the coup within the coup was not yet over. The use of military force had strengthened Napoleon's and the other plotters hands. With the Council routed, the plotters created two commissions, each made up of deputies from the two Councils

The lack of action from the city proved that the revolution was, actually, over. understanding that a revolution was to take place ,men sought to be wisely and firmly governed by a good leader.
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