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Copy of Sectionalism

No description

Kelly Bushong

on 6 April 2018

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Transcript of Copy of Sectionalism

The Monroe Doctrine
"Spanish" Florida
The Problem: As new states form they threaten the balance between the number of FREE STATES & SLAVE STATES
The Missouri Compromise
Sectionalism & Compromise
3 distinct
regions form
Spain still controlled Florida, but many Southerners felt they had claim to some areas of the Panhandle
Escaped slaves would also flee to Florida because they knew they would be safe in Spanish territory
Creek Indians united with these slaves to form the Seminole tribe
(which would actively raid towns in Georgia)
Invading the Sunshine State
General Andrew Jackson led troops into FL in 1818 to stop the raids
Adams-Onis Treaty (1819) Spain cedes FL to USA
Didn't actually become a state until 1845
Many former Spanish colonies in the Americas were winning independence
Spain & other Europeans eager to get them back
12/2/1823 President Monroe issues statement: USA won't get involved in Europe; Europe needs to stay out of the Americas' business from now on
Daniel Webster
Henry Clay
John C. Calhoun
Geographical differences & distinct regional lifestyles lead to stereotypes
To themselves:
To others:
Gracious Cultured
Enterprising Thrifty
Quick to chase a dollar
Rugged Hearty
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