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The Cultural Legacy of Medieval Europe

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maddy o'connor

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of The Cultural Legacy of Medieval Europe

Medieval Europe has left us with many legacies of which we still have in today's society
The top 10 includes Universities, banks, Carolingian Miniscule,Romantic Love, Chivalry, Corrective eye wear, Mechanical Clocks, The compass, Urban Culture and The Magna Carta
schools have existed for a very long time, but universities only cam around in the medieval period
emerged form the Byzantine Empire and the Islamic world in the 9th century
first to institutions to go by the Latin name 'universitas' were the University of Bologna and the University of Paris
Medieval European universities offered four degrees: theology, law, medicine, and “letters” (i.e., liberal arts).
Carolingian Miniscule
ancient/medieval scripts were based on the Roman or Greek alphabet
the Carolingian Miniscule was a script that introduced lower-case letters and spaces between words, as well as uniform, rounded characters that were more legible.
Most types of scripts and fonts we have today are derived from the Carolingian Miniscule.
Illustrated Books
In the medieval years, it became common for text to be accompanied by pictures in books
Long before the invention of the printing press, artists decorated manuscripts with artworks
The Cultural Legacy of Medieval Europe
complex banking was developed in medieval period
medieval bankers developed bills of exchange, deposit banking and bonds
medieval banking system introduced many elements that became the organizational backbone of modern finance.
Romantic Love
our romantic notions mostly come from the medieval period
the ideas of courtly love developed in this time
chivalry evolved from the code of chivalry- the code that knights had to follow
the code consisted of not only being skillful on horseback and valiant in battle, but also being just, courteous, well-mannered, compassionate and culturally sophisticated.
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