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Tourette's Syndrome

No description

Alex Bascevan

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Tourette's Syndrome

Tourette's Syndrome
How many people are affected
Every 1 of 360 people is affected by Tourette's Syndrome. It usually presents itself in people 6 - 17 years of age. It starts in early to late childhood
How can someone tell if they have Tourette's Syndrome
If you are experiencing any uncontrollable movements or noises, then you can have a chance of developing this condition.
Most cases are minor so you might not realize you even have it.
If you have any uncontrollable noises or things you must do, then you can have Tourette's Syndrome.
What is Tourette's
Tourette's Syndrome is a neuro psychiatric disorder that presents itself in involuntary tics
Involuntary muscle movements
Saying words involuntary
Making noises uncontrollably
Repetition of noises or actions
Blinking patterns
Patterning (tapping)
Factors of developing this condition
There is no definite cause for Tourette's Syndrome. Neurologists believe the main cause is genetics. There are no environmental causes of this condition.
There are only 2 treatements that can work for this condition. The most common treatment is a drug called Clonodine. This drug works in less the half of the patients.

The less common treatment is Deep Brain Surgery. This is when needles and probes administer electric shocks in your head to help control these tics. (has no guarantee it will work)
To be diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome you must have at least one vocal tic (saying words, noises) and one physical tic (movements)
There are many symptoms of Tourette's but these are the main ones
How can you get help
If you suspect you have Tourette's then you can go see your family doctor. If they believe you have Tourette's then they will refer you to a neurologist to get treatment.
Websites you can go to get help


kidshealth.org › Parents › Diseases & Conditions

These three websites are most educational and most helpful websites.
Severity of Tourette's Syndrome
Most cases of Tourette's are not very severe
The most severe kind of Tourette's represents itself by the person swearing and yelling uncontrollably
Many people go there entire lives without a diagnosis
What is a tic?
A tic is any involuntary moment, action, noise etc...
Having tics does not mean you have Tourette's. Some people have nervous tics. These are tics that only represent themselves when someone is stressed or nervous.
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