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Electronic Dance Music

No description

Colleen Laughran

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Electronic Dance Music

By: Colleen Laughran Peace, Love, Unity, And Repsect:
A Dance Music
Movement The Rave The Kids Just Want to Party Drug Culture A Lifestyle Some have come to live by the lifestyle
Keep the same values
Extend peace and love
The raver= "modern day hippies"
Die hard followers and attendees United Complete freedom of expression
Dress how you want
Act how you like
Gay, straight, bi- we're all the same
"Peace, love, unity, and respect"
Judgement-free zone "Everybody wants something to believe in. And
with our generaton, nothing is true.
Everybody is broken into a million pieces,
and everyone has their own journey,
and to get this many people together,
experiencing the same thing at the same time,
creates a one-ness.
I think we just want to belong.
This is the future, I think, and that's why
people come take part in such large masses." It is sweeping our generation by storm. How did it all begin? Larry Levan Frankie Knuckles The Stomping Grounds The Paradise Garage The Warehouse Disco Inferno The Roots Godfather of House
Musix Box Europe Ibiza The Acid House Party Mid to late 1980s
Thrown in fields, towns, abandoned buildings, graveyards
Complicated directions
Continued for days
1994- Criminal Justice and Public Order Act The "Raver" Then
(80s, 90s) Now Still popular today
Boston, New York, L.A, Chicago, Denver
Illegal 90% of the time
Larger scale festivals/concerts Party On Where It Started Clubs and acid parties in the U.K
Spiked in Europe, New York and Chicago
Associated not just with the events, but with the music
Still used today, but on a much broader scale Ecstacy and acid- the most popular
Enhances a person's senses, hightens emotional and physical responses
Feel the music
Everything is generally awesome -DJ Kaskade The Parties Now Much more large scale
Concerts, festivals, tours
Huge venues (Colusseum, Speedway)
Bigger crowds
An entire experience is given to the attendees
Now, much more than just seeing your favorite artists Spectaular visuals
Vendors Performers
Interact with the crowd
Intricate, innovative costumes
Character themes
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