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Native Tribes of Texas

Allison's Texas Project- Unit 1

cynthia turner

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Native Tribes of Texas

Created by Allison Turner Native Tribes of Texas They lived in south Texas.
It was hot and dry. Lipan Apaches They lived in tipis and wickiups. The food they ate was
corn, beans and buffalo. With out the horses the indians get kill by the baffalo because the humans can not out run them.They get kill by there horns. Were farmers and hunters. Tigua Tigua's lived in the far west Texas. They lived in mud/clay
buildings. They lived near large
rivers and waterfalls. They food they ate were
corn, beans, deer, rabbit
antelope, bear, berries and
squash. The Tigua were famouse from there
beautiful pottery. Were hunter and gathers. Karankaws They lived in the Texas coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The Karankaws homes were huts. It was made of long sapling tree trunk. There food was roots, blackberries and fish. Karankaws weapons were made of wood, bone ,seashell and cane. They lived in huts/
wickiups/tipis. Texas near the Moder
Austin. The Tonkawas food that they ate where deer, baffalo, roots, blackberrries, fish, crawfish mussels and pecans. Tonkawas The far east of
Lake Charles Atakapans There homes were huts/wickiups. They put bear skin and grass over the there homes. They grow corn, beans, meat and other crops. Atakapans were hunters. It's a language but not a tribe. They were hunter and gathers. They tatooned there body and there faces.
Also they hade a wolf dance. The Lipan Apaches were hunters. Tonkaas live in a central
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