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Google Office Layouts

No description

Yijing Zhou

on 8 June 2013

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Transcript of Google Office Layouts

Layout Strategy BADM 120 presentation Yijing Zhou TIMELINE Google's First Dog 1 April 1999

the first "company" dog, comes to work with the senior vice president of operations,
Urs Hoelzle. AdWords Google AdWords launches with 350 customers. The self-service and program promises online activation with a credit card, keyword targeting and performance feedback. Google AdWords 23 October 2000 Google Labs 21 May 2002 1 April 2004 No joke: they launched Gmail on April Fool's Day.
(At the time, you needed an invitation to get an account.) Google
Calender 13 April 2006 They launched Google Calender, complete with
sharing and group features. Google Chrome Browser 1 September 2008 Words gets out about Google Chrome a bit ahead of schedule when the comic book that introduces the new open source browser is released earlier than planned. The browser officially becomes available for worldwide download a day later. Translate in 41 languages 26 February 2009 Google Translate is capable of automatic translation between 41 languages after adding Turkish, Thai, Hungarian, Estonian, Albabian, Maltese, and Galician. These 41 launguages covers 98% of the languages read by Internet users. Search index: 1,000,000,000 Pages Google becomes the world's largest search engine; they announce the first billion-URL index. 26 June 2000 Google Image Search 28 July 2001 Image Search launches,
offering access to 250 million images. 4 March 2003 Google Maps 8 February 2005 Google Maps
goes alive. They unveil Google Earth: a satellite imagery-based mapping serivice combining 3D buildings and terrain with mapping capabilities and Google search. Google Earth 28 June 2005 l l Street View for Maps 29 May 2007 Street View debuts in Google Maps in five U.S. cities: New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami, and Denver Google Desktop Google Voice Stock price Why? 1. Google's Philosophy

2. Google's employees

3. Google's Layout - user-oriented method
- "best possible user experience possible - smart, creative and productive people Google provides unique working enviroment, where the employees are actively encouraged to develop their own ideas for 20% of the time which they work. Layout Strategies 1. Office Layout 2. Retail Layout
3. Warehouse and Storage Layout
4. Fixed-position Layout
5. Process-oriented Layout
6. Work Cell
7. Repetitive and Product-oriented Layout And Many More... Google Office Layouts - create a very friendly working
- no cubicles/open space
- flexible working hours
- flexible working spaces with long
white boards on the wall
- great food/snack supply
- entertainment
- hitech Develop to Good Office Layouts Will:
1. foster collaboration
2. increase employees' motivation
3. strengthen connection
4. maximize productivity 1. No.1 Search Engine
2. comes with 45 products so far
3. gain more than $ 35 billion a year
4. around million users per day in the WORLD Some SNAPSHOTS: Google HK Delicious Food Yoga Classroom Lantern Phone Station TechShop: when people have technical problems on their devices, they can bring them here. While the device is being examined, they can just wait here, having a cup of coffee or chatting with colleagues. Massage Spot:
relax during working hours Noise-Cancelling Capsule:
When the employees want to take a nap, they can hide themselves in the capsule, and get a deep rest. Thank You For Your Attention

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