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Egypt, Africa

No description

Halle Drake

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Egypt, Africa

1979- Egypt became independent.
2013- Former president goes to prison, accused for killing protesters.
2014- Prime Minister becomes official president. New constitution is stated.
President is head of state.
Prime minister is head of government.
Both serve 4 years/ 2 year term.
Citizens vote at 18.
Population of 85,294,388.
99.6 % of it is Egyptian with the remainder being Nubian (Southern Egyptians.)
Their national sport is soccer.
GDP per capita is 1,559.61
Their main religion is Muslim.
Human Geography
Egypt is about half the size of Mexico with a climate that is very dry and arid.
They have long days year round. Egypt
has four different sections. The Western and Eastern Desert, The Nile Valley & Delta, and the Sinai Peninsula.

Physical Outlook
Egypt, Africa
Hardiness, Bravery, Strength & Valour
Egypt is known for their Pyramids.
Queen Cleopatra.
King Tut
Many of their mythical creatures.
Egypt's Future
Although Egypt wants a good future and tries to do everything they can to make one. They are fairly poor and have a weak government causing them to not have a bright future.
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