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Chance of a Lifetime

No description

nabila rusdi

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Chance of a Lifetime

About the Book Margaret Iggulden and Julia Allen Chance of a Lifetime The Cover The Summary This book is about Helen Davies who gets her heart broken by her boyfriend Tom. Sad and devastated, Helen decides to take a job as a tour guide in Europe. She only wants to forget her ex-boyfriend and enjoys her life. Who knows that this job will only give her more troubles? At the end, Helen is offered two different chances of a lifetime, marriage with Tom or take a dream job in Kenya. Which one will she choose? The Background & Themes Chance of a lifetime is a mystery story, with lot of people behaving strangely and drawing suspicion on themselves. It's also about a young woman who tries to find her true self. Her adventure helps her a lot to grow up to be more mature. The Main Characters Helen Davies Helen is the main character of this book. She's described as a young woman who just graduated from university. At the beginning, she lacks of confidence. Her job as a tour guide for twelve people helps her to discover her true dream. Tom Tom is Helen's ex-boyfriend. He dumps Helen because he gets a promising job in Australia. Despite of his bad attitude, Helen still loves Tom very much. At the end of the book, Tom apologizes to Helen and ask her to marry him. Victor Victor is probably the main male character in this book. He's described as an attractive and extremely charming guy. He's a mysterious guy and very discreet. He helps Helen a lot to make it through the tour until the end. At the end, turn out he is a bad guy who runs an illegal business. Angela Angela is a very annoying woman. She's one of the twelve people in the tour. She acts like a child and always makes a scene. She's very over-dramatic and annoying. It seems like she doesn't really like Helen. Other Charcters Actually, there are several other characters. We decide to not mention them one by one because their roles aren't that important. They don't make any huge impacts in the plot of this book. The Pluses & The Negatives The Pluses of This Book 1. It's very easy for us to understand this book. It's very simple and straight to the point.

2. This book is about an adventure, so there are several interesting places that are referred in this book.

3. We can learn from Helen's experience about the process of growing up. The Negatives of This Book 1. The ending is very predictable. The authors give too much clues, so the readers can easily guess how the ending will be.

2. There are 'useless' characters who don't give any significant impacts to the main story.

3. There are several plot holes About The Authors Margaret Iggulden Margaret Iggulden is a published book author. She has her own English Languange Homestay Company, where students stay in families while they learn English. She has lived and taught in Papua New Guinea, Kenya, and Kuwait. Julia Allen Julia Allen is an artist and an author. She lived in the middle east and East Africa as a child, and since then has travelled in the western states of the USA. Group 4 Astria Zahra Nabila
Lee Ru Da
Michaila Shahnez N.
Zuhrohariri P.
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