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12 Marvelous Muscles

An elementary lesson on the major muscles / groups of your body.

Sean Spratt

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of 12 Marvelous Muscles

Muscles Trapezius Gastrocnemius Biceps Deltoid Gluteus Maximus Sternocleidomastoid Abdominals Triceps Latissimus Dorsi Pectoralis Major Hamstrings Quadriceps Rectus Abdominis Rectus = Straight
Adominis = Abdomen Crunches strengthen the Rectus Abdominis. External Oblique
Internal Oblique Twist from side to side Internal = Inside
External = Outside
Oblique = Angle Strong abdominal muscles help support the body. Bi = Two
Ceps = Heads Biceps means two heads Hold your arm out in front of you with your palm up. Squeeze the front of the upper arm with your other hand. bring your hand up to your nose. This is the biceps contracting. Do curls and chin-ups to strengthen your Biceps. Tri = Three

Ceps = Heads Let your arm hang down nice and loose. Using your other arm, grab the back of your hanging arm, just below your shoulder. Now, lock your elbow as tight as possible. That's your Triceps contracting. These are ways to stretch your Triceps. These are ways to strengthen your Triceps. You use your triceps to hammer a nail, push a door, throw a ball and push a lawn mower. Pectoralis = Chest Bone

Major = Larger

Therefore, Pectoralis Major means the larger muscles of your chest. Put your arm straight out.
Pinch the front of your armpit.

Move your arm from side to side.
Feel your Pec contract as you move. Do push ups to strengthen your Pecs ster·no·clei·do·mas·toid

"S C M"
Mastoid The SCM is in your neck. The SCM helps you turn your head from side to side. Turn your head to the left and feel the right side of you neck.
Your right SCM will stick out.

Turn your head to the right and feel the left side of your neck.
Your left SCM will stick out. Sterno = Sternum

"Breast bone" Cleido = Clavicle

"Collarbone" Mastiod = Mastiod Process

Part of skull behind ear lobe Your deltoid connects your clavicle to your humerus.

It is shaped like the Greek letter Delta. Squeeze the top of your arms. That's your deltoid muscle. Lift your arm and feel it work. When the deltoid contracts, it lifts your arm. This is how you stretch your deltoid. gas·troc·ne·mi·us "Calf" Gastroc = Belly

Nemius = Leg Gastrocnemius means belly of the leg. Your gastrocnemius is attached to your heel bone by the Achilles Tendon. Stand on your tiptoes and feel your calf muscle contract. Your Gastrocnemius helps you walk, run and jump. This is how you stretch your gastrocnemius. glu·te·us max·i·mus "Glutes" Gluteus = Buttocks

Maximus = Big Your Glutes are your big butt muscles. This is how you stretch your glutes. Your glutes help you walk, run and jump. tra·pe·zi·us "Traps" Named after its Trapezoid shape. Your Traps are responsible for shoulder movement.

Raise your shoulders as if you were saying,
"I don't know" Front view Back view la·tis·si·mus dor·si "Lats" Latissimus = Broad or Wide

Dorsi = Back Latissimus Dorsi means wide back. Put one hand high in the sky in front of you.

With the other hand, reach around and feel your back below the armpit. That's the top of you Lats.

Now bring down your arm and feel it work. Do pull ups to strengthen your Lats. ham·strings "Hami's" The Hamstrings let us bend our knees as we walk or run. They are located in the back of our thighs. It is very important to stretch your hami's to stay flexible. quad·ri·ceps "Quads" Quad = Four

Ceps = Head

There are four muscles that make up your Quads. Your Quads are found in the front of your leg. Your Quads help you straighten (extend) your knees. Your Quads allow you to walk, run, jump and kick. ab·dom·i·nals "Abs" bi·ceps "Pipes" tri·ceps pec·to·ral·is ma·jor "Pecs" del·toid "Delts"
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