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No description

Micajah Owens

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of THE FAMOUS ME

The Artist I am
Queen Of hearts
singer and song writer
play guitar and sitar
My performances
I have performed at .......
The Coliseum in Rome for my fans
The Great Wall of China for the emperor
And The White House for the president
Typical Day
A typical day would include...
Recording a new song at my stdio
eating lunch with my Bff's
Tweeting to my fans
And Going to the mall.
Tweets from my Fans
#QueenofHearts- #swagggirl
Love the Queens music its sentimentally awesome-#Thisismytwitteracount
gr3at songs- FlippyGymnast

With my money I will.....
Donate it to help the endangered animals
Buy my family their dream home
Build a Nursing home for veterans
Donate to my church
My House
I will live ........
In a mansion
near Venice
With 3 stories
My Ride
I Drive a.....
Audi A5
11 Mini coopers
Phantom drophead coupe

My style
For my concerts I wear.....
A queen of hearts outfit
And black combat boots
For a typical day I wear......
A tank with a bible verse
Bleached jeans
Tan combat boots
And a denim Jacket
What I Like about being famous
I like........
The attention
The money
My fans
And helping so many people
My travels
I went to Copenhagen
I went all over
I spoke danish
Its the capital of Denmark
Performed for the Queen of Denmark
Performed at Rosenberg Castle

I went to London
I went all over
I met lots of English Stars
I performed for Prince William, Princess Kate ,and their son Alex
I performed at their Summer Home
My house
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