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Bianca Ricci

on 9 June 2011

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Transcript of TRAIL RUNNING

Trail Running History Founded in Scottland in 1068 AD early prizes included
ornately decorated belts
a sack of gold
a sword Equipment There are many ways to prevent injuries
these include: Using Proper Equipment Training before a run Injuries There are many ways to prevent injuries
such as: Stretching Using proper equipment Dont over stress yourself Types of injuries include: Acute injuries: Swollen/broken/twisted ankles Blisters Torn Ligaments Overuse injuries Torn ligaments Pulled groin History Prizes such as
For Women:
A Rich warrior husband for
For Men:
Ornately decorated belts
Sacks of gold
A sword Shoes CANADIAN OPPORTUNITIES Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove minimal Ontario Cup Woodnewton Trail RunWoodnewton, Uxbridge, Ontario
Saturday Augest 20,2011
Custom built trails created by Chico Racing at a private venue located in the Official Trail Capital of Canada, Uxbridge. A few challenging climbs, a beautiful hardwood forest and an amazing roller coaster section will make a fantastic course for our final trail running event of the season.
located in Uxbridge ON
Costs 45.20 pre registration fee plus a 55.00 per race registration fee. plus gate fee.
approximately 1hour and 15 minutes away Ontario Cup Milton Trail RunKelso Conservation Area, Milton, OntarioSaturday Augest 6, 2011
This classic mountain bike venue is destined to be a classic trail running venue as well. Kelso is a great spot only a stone's throw away from Toronto, with some breathtaking vistas, climbs and fantastic forests.
Costs 39.55 pre registration fee plus a 50.00 per race registration fee. plus gate fee.
Located approximately 45-50 minutes away Costs Costs of this sport is pretty high because of equiptment pricing Shoes can range anywhere from $50-250 Techniques and Tips Safety Footwear
Trail shoes offer three main things that a road shoe doesn’t:
1. Protection on the base of the shoe so you don’t feel rocks and roots when running on the trail.
2. Protection on the cap of the toe so if you catch your foot on a rock or stump you don’t shatter your toes.
3. A more durable outsole to not only stand up to the wear and tear of trail running, but to give more traction and grip on wet rocks/roots etc. Mountains,forests,deserts and narrow passages, trail running is more challenging than running on a treadmill/track/ road. • Start with short distance Trails: easier on body/joints, take longer 15-20% longer on trail than road Locations – try them all! • Find a training group/program: proper strategy/training are key • Pick a trail race 3-4 months away (so you have time to train) • Gait Assessment puts you into the proper footwear lines • Buddy up, especially on unfamiliar trails • Be aware: You are in nature and are passing through the homes of wildlife • Bear safety: Read up and refresh yourself on what you do if you have a bear encounter. • Carry a cell phone Better to be safe than sorry. (They have GPS) • Only do routes on park maps • Carry water and snacks Footwear The only necessary thing for trail running is a pack for snacks and water and sleeping equiptment (depending on how long you are going for)
You may also like to have moisture wicking fabric and winter running gear which can get pricy Women did the sport Tradition of prooving themself Small cuts from branches and underbrush LONDON PACERS Use regular running shorts and either a work out top or a t-shirt Competition costs can be anywhere from $25-$75 per race plus a pre-registration fee approx: $35-$65 and a gate fee (which includes enterence and parking) this varies wherever you go. so a day of 2-3 races can be very expensive Skills The skills I think you require
Drive Thank You!!!
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