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Science X-ray phone project


mihai mihai

on 28 January 2016

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Transcript of Science X-ray phone project

The x-ray phone
What is a x-ray phone?
is a phone you can use to see

through things. it is really useful.

It usually costs 1056$ but you can get it
for 700$ in Romania ONLY.

Why is it useful?
Well, There are a lot of things you can use it for.
Gareth, for example, can use it for science.
Doctors can use the x-ray phone
instead of their normal x-ray equipment
Now i am going to show you the
4 materials used in creating this fabulous phone

The Cover of the phone is made of
Copper Wires
Found inside the phone
Found at the x-ray Camera
85% of the phone is made of
Xrayphonium. a metal discovered by
Bob Williams in 2016.
How Do You Use It?
Well, it's easy. Think of a iphone. To open it you press a button...Right?

The same for the x-ray phone. By pressing the button, you light up the Xrayphonium and the phone opens.
press me to open phone
The End
Are you still Here?
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