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Republic of Texas

In 1835, American settlers in Texas revolted against Mexican Rule;In 1836 set up Republic of Texas.

Cala Luthman

on 30 March 2011

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Transcript of Republic of Texas

Sam Houston Stephen Austin Seige at the Alamo General Statesman Military Hero President of Republic of Texas Vocab Dictator: A ruler with absolute power and authority Tejanos: People of Mexican decent born in Texas Alamo: Old Spanish mission Siege: Enemy forces try to capture a city or fort often by surrounding and bombarding it Battle of San Jacinto: Lasted 18 Minutes; by San Jacinto River; 630 Mexicans killed; 700 captured, next day captured Santa Anna forcing him to sign treaty Lone Star Republic: Texans carried flag with single white star.After winning independance; this is what they were nicknamed. Annex: add on Son of Austin With Stepehen leading they won independance over Spain. 4,000 mexicans lived in Texas. Gathered 300 families to move to texas. 1821 they began settling. Came from cotton country. Brought slaves. 20,000 Americans ended up moving to Texas. Started February 23, 1836 Sent letter to the people of Texas; all Americans in World "I shall never surrender or retreat.
I call on you in the name of Liberty, of Patriotism, and of everything dear to the American character. To come to our aid with (speed)...Victory or Death!"-
William B.Travis: Letter to Texans Feb.24,1836 Ended March 6, 1836 180 Texans; 1,500 Mexicans lay DEAD! the end Thanks for watching :) Republic of Texas Presetated By: Marissa Michaela &
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