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Mercury is so awsome and cool!

No description

Madeleine Dugas

on 5 April 2018

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Transcript of Mercury is so awsome and cool!

Place in the solar system
The planet mercury is the closest planet to sun. Located on average 35,980,000 miles from the sun. While being so far away,it still can get hot while,it also can be cold the highest temp ever recorded was 800 degrees,and the lowest is -290 degrees.
From what we know, the planet can be described as being like earths moon with a similar rocky surface and craters,caused by asteroids hitting its surface
The best of the best
Welcome to mercury! The best of the best of planets! Random Girl: Why is it the best of the best? WE WANT PROOF! OK,OK. This project is our proof. So... Let's go!
Orbit around the sun
Planet Composition
Satellites and rings
The planet is 1,516 miles across. And 3,030 miles in diameter while seeming large,the planet is only slightly bigger than earth's moon. So in other words about the same size as the continental United States.
It takes Mercury about 59 earth days to rotate on its axis,and about 88 earth days to complete one rotation around the sun. All thought it takes 176 earth days to complete one full day (sunrise to sunset)
It takes a total of 88 earth days to orbit around the sun once.
The planet mercury is made out of mainly iron for has a thick iron crust and a thin rocky outer crust. Mercury used to have volcanic activity for billions of years however now no volcanic activity has been reported.
Mercury's atmosphere is made out of hydrogen, helium, and and oxygen. It also has even teenier amounts of sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnetism.Mercurys stratosphere is very thin
NASA's Messenger spacecraft is the first to orbit around mercury. Mercury dose not have rings but because it is possible that mercury had rings in the past it may have them the future!
Thank you for reading now hear are some fun facts you really should read to find out more!
1. Mercury has no moons.Not even 1
2. The first record was recorded in the 14th century B.C. by Assyrian astronomers.
3. The surface temperature is -173 to 427. Wow!


So thanks for reading or listening! We are done now! (No really you can go now.)
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