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3rd Grade Wellness

Germs, Handwashing, and Drinking Plenty of Fluids

Dana Reddick

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of 3rd Grade Wellness

Can you find the right path to take? The 3rd Grade Maze to Wellness! How do I stay healthy?
The Germs are everywhere! Protect! Don't Infect! 1. Running a fever COVER YOUR SNEEZES Why should I cough into my sleeve instead of my hand? DON'T FORGET HANDWASHING! 1.Get the warm water running! GET PLENTY OF SLEEP to Keep Your Immune System Strong! How many hours of sleep per night should a 3rd grade student get? DRINK PLENTY OF
WATER 1. Digestion support SHOWER DAILY AND
BRUSH YOUR TEETH! How many times a day should you brush? HEALTHY
HAPPY Wellness = Better Learners! 2.Grab the soap and start scrubbing! 3.Say the alphabet while rubbing! 4.Dry them and your done! Stay home when you
are sick! 2. Having vomiting or diarrhea How long should I stay home if I am sick? A. 6 hours of sleep B. 4 hours of sleep C. 8 hours of sleep D. 10 hours of sleep Answer: "D" If you get up at 7am, what time should you be going to bed at night? 9:00 PM 2. Proper blood circulation 3. Prevent dehydration 4. To fuel your energy 5. Helps regulate your temperature 6. Helps to cushion our spinal cord and joints 7. Hydrates without adding unnecessary calories About 2/3 of your body is made up of water! And when? But how do I know when I'm too sick for school? What were those 4 steps again??? Don't forget your soap and shampoo! Eat a Healthy Diet Get Plenty of Exercise! Not this way! Not Soda! Take us with you! We will make you sick!
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