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Between Shades of Gray Quotes

No description

Christine Doyle

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Between Shades of Gray Quotes

Thesis Statement Quote #1 "Is this what you waste your talent on? He thrust a scrap of
paper in my face. Papa it was a joke, I explained. YOU think
it's a joke they're perfect likeness for God's sake! He dropped
the paper in my lap."
Chapter 24, page 91 Quote #2 "What had they done to her? I felt the cigarettes crush between my fingers. Andrius stared at me. I'm sorry. My voice caught and broke.
I'm really so sorry. I turned quickly and began to run."
Chapter 45, page 177 Between Shades Of Gray
Author: Ruta Sepetys By: Taylor H, Stefan A, Ryan P, and Christine D Quote #3 "We've seen her nibble, but she's always giving us bread, I said. Just
yesterday she gave us bread. she said it was an additional ration she got for
hauling logs. do you think she is giving us her ration? yes, or at least part of
it, I said. Mother was starving herself to feed us."
Chapter 72, page 285 Quote #4 "Part of me felt guilty. Was it selfish that I wanted
to live, even though my parents were gone?"
Chapter 81, page 320 In Ruta Sepety's novel "Between Shades of Gray" Lina's character demonstrates that when people are put in extreme peril, individuals may witness or take notice of events which revel harsh truth that can cause unbearable guilt to wrack their conscience.
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