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Pixar Ethics & Social Responsibility

No description

Randa Veazie

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of Pixar Ethics & Social Responsibility

Ethics ~ A set of moral principles or values that defines right and wrong for a person or group. Social Resposibility "Ethics is the new competitive environment" ~ Peter Robinson, CEO of Mountain Equipment Co-op Pixar Intro Parody ~ Pixar redefined social responsobility with their video message "It Gets Better - Love Pixar," which is targeted towards gays and lesbians and the difficulties they encounter in life. ~ Pixar Aggie Scholarship - Funded by Pixar and it's empolyees. Benefits students who are in financial need and exhibit great talent in the graphic design and animation field. ~ Pixar chooses to enable many different moral beliefs that set them apart from other companies. Ethics & Social Responsibility ~ Pixar granted 10 year-old Colby Curtin, who had a rare form of cancer, her dying wish to see the movie UP which was still in the theaters. Pixar sent an employee to visit her with a DVD of UP and watched the movie with her. ~The End~ Joyriders ~Pixar's primary belief of "There's no single idea" is enforced to the fullest by making sure that all employees contribute, while many businesses believe that ideas need to be retained within a person or group, Pixar believes that all employees are entitled to improve ideas and add to the creativity to solve problems “On one side is making art for art's sake. On the other, is the pure commercial side - films made to follow a trend. If you go entirely for the art side, at some point you fail economically. If you go to the commercial side, you fail from a soul point of view. There is somewhere in the middle.”
~ Ed Catmull, Co-founder and President of Pixar

“The press always tends to say these companies are competitors. They are missing the point. As a fan, I want to help the industry. I would love for every studio to produce a blockbuster so we can get more talented people in the industry. Competition to us is when a family walks up to the multiplex and all those titles are up there. I want everyone to be successful.”
~ John Lasseter
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