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Anti Discriminatory Practice-Int2-LO3

Overview of how care workers, organaisations and government can promote anti discriminatory practice

shelley ferguson

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Anti Discriminatory Practice-Int2-LO3

Anti Discriminatory
Practice Conclusion Thank you for your attention! Now complete exercises p 103 -108

You have now completed your sociology unit
next week we will revise the main concepts
22nd May 2013 you will sit your NAB which will assess your learning for outcome 1 and 3 And one more thing... Anti discriminatory practice is a central function of the carer role. Valuing diversity
Having Empathy
Being self aware
Recognising difference
Asserting rights
Challenging Inequality
Working in partnership Challenge discrimination
Take part in training to keep well informed
Reflect on their own practice through self awareness
Adhering to policies and guidelines
Respecting service user rights and choices
Encouraging and supporting service users choices
promoting independence
Maintaining the privacy and dignity and confidentiality of service users Ensure the service user is involved in care planning process
Involve service users in decision making within the organization
Having policy in place which promote equality of opportunity
Making complaints procedures clear and effective
Ensuring that good supervision procedures are in place for staff
Creating an organizational culture that values and celebrates diversity
Highlighting Positive images of the service user groups What is anti discriminatory practice? How can care workers promote Anti discriminatory practice? How can agencies promote anti discriminatory practice? How can equality be promoted at a structural level? Creating legislation that promotes equality and social inclusion
Implementing measures to ensure that legislation is effective
Setting up or supporting campaigns that seek to challenge prejudice, stigma, stereotyping and discrimination
Ensuring ongoing funding for organizations that support people who are marginalized or excluded
Involving people who have faced discrimination in the development of policy and in the evaluation of its effectiveness Watch the following FILM about Gypsy Travellers Identify the different types of discrimination the gypsies are experiencing both personal, organisational and structural.

Identify how this discrimination can be challenged and examples where it is being challenged within the film. http://www.scie.org.uk/socialcaretv/video-player.asp?guid=775ce383-6f43-4377-90e4-03ef71c16d28
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