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Hybrid Cars

No description

erin broumley

on 26 April 2017

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Transcript of Hybrid Cars

Hybrid Cars
My topic and why i chose it
My topic is hybrid cars. I chose this topic because I could barely understand anything I learned about them. When I chose topics, I included hybrids as a maybe. Somehow, it rose to the thing I wanted to do the most. I am exited to see the project come together at the end.
What I Want to Know
I want to learn alot and answer every question I have. I was interested in this topic because I really wanted to learn more. I want to learn how they work, how they charge, plus and delta, and cost. I hope to make sure to write all about what is listed above.
there is good and bad traits for hybrids.
works cited
Dunn,Phillip.Hybrid cars pros and cons.phys.org. Jan 19, 2006.web.April 20, 2014
Edmunds,Dan.what are hybrid cars and how do they work?phys.org.April 6, 2009.web.April 20,2014
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i you a question...

was that a good presentation?
By: Erin Broumley
(yes it was)
how they work
The most basic part is how they work. They work with 2 engines, a gas tank and an electric motor.They also have battery packs to keep mobile conveniences running and charged. The gas tank is used during high speeds, such as 50-80 MPR.The electric engine turns on during low speeds, about 25-50 MPR. Some hybrids also have small light weight electric strips along the bottom to save gas. They are one of the most convenient ways of traveling.
They save energy and gas. They are also quiet and safe.people all over the world think of them as "the new green thing" even though they were invented long ago.
when you throw hybrids away, it's pretty much dumping battery acid on the ground.they also cost a lot of money. many people forget to refill their gas tanks and need to spend even more money on getting towed.
I don't think hybrids are worth the money
$ cost $
Hybrids are really expensive. they can cost up to $25,000. Normal gasoline cars cost up to $17,000. That's about an $8,000 difference They are for sure not worth the money.
I liked researching hybrids because I got to learn many new things on an unfamiliar topic. I learned other things too, like how to use my free time at home. I also had fun seeing the whole project come together. I think I could have chosen a topic I could understand better, but the whole project turned out to be fun at the end.
the invention of hybrids
It is hard to tell who exactly invented the hybrid car. The first was made about 100 years ago. In 1897, the London electric cab co. made a cab with 40 cell batteries and 3 horsepower electric motors. In 1898, Ferdinand Porche made an electric car, and then made another model exactly the same, and added a gas tank. He had made a hybrid that could travel 40 miles on just battery.
Thanks for watching!
Have an epic day!
My next wonder was how they charge. They actually don't need charged, so they have a system to collect and reuse electricity. This makes it so all you need to fill up is the gas tank, but less often. They just need a certain amount of electricity before the first use.
(bacon is awesome)
omg! bacon!
collect energy
reuse energy
the london cab co. sparked the idea of hybrids today
here are some diagrams of the different parts
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