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Pollution in the temperate rain forest

No description

Daniel Torres

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Pollution in the temperate rain forest

Pollution in the temperate rain forest!
Daniel Torres
Brandon Garner
Jesus Sosa
Marrionna Nelson

Pollution is one of the biggest global killers, affecting YOU and other life forms.
The effects of pollution
climate change
rise of temperature
fragmentation of environments
biodiversity loss etc.
what can you do to help?
plant a tree
reduce greenhouse emission
Use energy efficient products
Recycling properly
riding your bike or skateboard or just walk.
alternative energy source
wind or solar energy
promoting awarness with your friends or using social media.
Pollution in the temperate rain forest.
Why is this a problem?
This is a problem because the temperate rain forest is decreasing,temperatures are rising, urbanization,and deforestation.
what is being done to save the biomes?
Laws preventing people to cut down or hunt in the forest
forest management
maintaining integrity of protected areas
Outcome of saving the temp. rain forest.
The outcome of saving the temperate rain forest is that future generations will be able to see the beautiful forest and the animals that inhabitat it.
The problem is us humans are slowly deteriorating the temperate rain forest and many other areas with our Pollution and industrialization.
what can be done to save the temp. rain forest and other Biomes?
turning off unnecessary lights
burning less fossil fuel
alternative energy source
invest in an electric car
proper recycling
walk or ride your bike for close destination
switching to wind or solar energy
This presentation was to show the outcome of pollution and how it harms the temperate rain forest and the species that inhabit it.Also showing that we can preserve and protect the forest and the animals by doing really simple things like turning off unnecessary lights.that is our presentation.
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