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Great lakes St. Lawrence lowlands

No description

Gabbie Templar

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Great lakes St. Lawrence lowlands

Region Great Lakes-St. Lawrence lowlands Vegetation Size The size of the Great lake-St. Lawrence lowlands is 180 000 km2, 1.8% of Canada's land surface. The Great lakes-St. Lawrence lowlands is the smallest geologic region in Canada and is mainly made up of sedimentary rock. It consists of Southern Ontario, and the surrounding Great Lakes area. The region, on both sides of the St. Lawrence extends through Quebec. It has two major parts, as the name suggests, the Great Lakes lowlands to the west, and the St. Lawrence lowlands to the east. The region is like a wedge. Bordering to the north of the lowlands is the Canadian Shield and bordering the lowland regions to the south is the Appalachian Mountain range. the Great lakes-St. Lawrence lowlands is a great region for agriculture because of the great fertile soil. Climate The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence lowlands
is the closet region to the equator in Canada. The summer there is hot and humid. The winters are long and unpredictable and it can drop to minus 30 degrees celcius or lower.They get 875mm of precipitation which includes rain and snow each year. Natural Resources Most of the minerals found in rocks of the Great lakes-St. lawrence region are
iron, ore, zinc, silver, coal, copper, and lead. A variety of Vegetation can be found in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence region. Maple, oak, walnut, spruce, hemlock, fir, and poplar trees. Geologic Foundation
The lowland was part of a rift valley from in the Cretaceous time. The lowlands' present day landscape is the result of the last continental glaciation, followed by the submergence and emergence of land and finally river erosion and deposition. The Glacier approximately located around where Quebec city is today, was like a natural dam holding back the ocean, when it melted the entire area was flooded creating the Champlain sea. Once the ocean water receded the St. lawrence lowland rose rapidly as much as 20m/centry due to the fact there was no ice mass. For a short time a lake was present but it drained when the St. lawrence River eroded it's channel. Much of the St. Lawrence lowland is underlain clay deposited in the Champlain sea. Pysical Features This region has both flat areas and rolling hills. The majority of the land is made up of glacial lake bottoms and shorelines, till plains, moraines, drumlins, eskers, and spillways carved by glacial streams.The land was once covered in trees but many have been cleared for farm land.

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(Picture used) http://tiffanie-mango.blogspot.com/2009/04/great-lakes-st-lawrence-lowland.html
(Website for majority of the pictures used)
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