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Shaping Up in Kindergarten

No description

Holly Washburn

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Shaping Up in Kindergarten

Shaping up in Kindergarten
Will your parents know about what we are learning?
Of Course! Your parents will even have a job to do! They need to tell me how much you already know about shapes!
You will be able to sort shapes with a partner.
Sort Shapes
You will pick a shape and hide it in a box. Then you will describe what the shape looks like to a group of students.
Hide and Describe
You will go on a shape hunt and draw pictures of shapes you find on your hunt.
You and a group of students will each have jobs in order to create a book about shapes you have learned at the end of our Shapes Unit.
Publish a book about shapes
You will also make a funny creature out of shapes!
Shape Creature
By the end of our Unit, our goals are to:
Be able to name shapes
Be able to sort shapes that are alike
Be able to describe shapes by using words like sides and corners.
Be able to draw shapes
Be able to write about shapes
How will we start our Shapes Unit?
FIRST: We have to play with shapes and find the shapes we already know!
NEXT: You will tell me the shapes you already know!
Some questions we might have during our learning?
Why do we have to learn about shapes?
What are two-dimensional shapes?
What are three-dimensional shapes?
What are the differences between two- and three- dimensional shapes?
How do we describe these shapes to people?
What words can we use to describe them?
Your parents can take a survey here:
What else will we do to know that we are learning?
We will play a game called, "Draw the Shape I am thinking of"
Formative Assessments
You will have a checklist to remind you. It will look something like this:
How will we remember what to use in our shape drawings?
This is your checklist
This is a circle.
A circle does not
have any corners.
Click on the book to enlarge
We will draw a SHAPE CREATURE!!!
How else will we show we know our shapes?
Drawing a Shape Creature
You will be able to use shapes that you know to draw your own creature.

After you draw your creature, you can tell me how you think you did? Maybe you think you did GREAT! Maybe you think you did OK. Some of you might think it was too hard. Guess what? You can re-do it if you want to!
What will we do at the end of our Unit to show we have learned about Shapes?
We will create our own book all about shapes!
By the end of our Unit, we will be Shape Superstars!
By Holly Terrell
Formative Assessment
Summative Assessment
This is a rectangle. It has four corners.
How will we know what we have to do for our Shape Book?
You will use a form called a rubric that will help you remember what to use in your project.
This is what your rubric will look like. This tells you what to remember to include in your Shape Book.
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