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Mind Controlled Bionic Limbs

Mind Controlled Bionic Limbs

Jake Brown

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Mind Controlled Bionic Limbs

Mind Controlled Bionic Limbs
What is a mind controlled bionic limb?
mind controlled bionic limbs are prosthetic body parts.
controlled by wearer who imagines task done with them
technology responds to electrodes in brain and old nerves and muscles
Impact on Society

Modern Uses
mind controlled bionic limbs are making tasks easier than using regular bionic limb
help users be more self reliant
completes tasks like grasping objects, opening and closing drawers, and feeding users
Interesting Facts
US military donated eight million dollars to RIC so that veterans can use the product
Zac Vawter, a patient of the leg study, climbed 103 stories of the Chicago Willis Tower in fourty five minutes, fifteen more than someone without the bionic
for Jan Sheumer to be able to use the product, scientists drilled holes in her skull to insert electrodes
Who Invented the mind controlled bionic limb?

Levi Hargrove was the head of the team that developed the mind controlled leg
he works for RIC
RIC has been developing the leg for the past four years
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and UPMC developed the mind controlled arm
the arm is undergoing studies
mind controlled leg's price possibly between $20,000 and $120,000 dollars
the leg's falters has been dropped from 12.9 percent to 1.8 percent
the leg should be public in five years
in about five or ten years, UPMC's mind controlled arm will be sold publicly
The Future of the Bionic Limb
UPMC hopes that they can develop a technology where the bionic limb can feel
doctors want the technology to be used without their help
researchers hope that the leg technology will be put into an exoskeleton to help elderly and paralyzed people
leg being worked on to make less mistakes
leg needs to make less sound and be more comfortable
to let people who have disabilities or are amputated do everyday tasks
enable people to complete tasks that the regular bionic would not let them do
let people feel more like they did before they lost their limb
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