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Italy before World War II

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tomas urioste

on 31 August 2015

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Transcript of Italy before World War II

Mussolini wanted to restore the Roman empire
pacification of libya
punitive pacification campaign
second Italo-Ethiopian war
it was a war between the kingdom of Italy and the Ethiopian Empire
Italian intervention in Europe
Italy mainly focused on two nations of continental Europe
thought the conflict Italy sent an approximate of 75,000 men to Spain
italian territorial ambitions
Italy before World War II
projection of italian power in the african continent
forced migration
After the rise of Mussolini to power the general Rodolfo Graziani with the approval of Mussolini started to crush the Libyan resistance without complying with international law
In 1928 the italian colonial administration started a forceful migration of more that 100,000 Libyans to a concentration camp in Suluq
wal wal incident
December 1934
it was a clash between the two parties that left a total of 150 ethiopians dead and only 2 italians dead.
the war started in October 1935 and ended in May 1936
after the italian victory over ethiopia they fully annexed it and formed the italian east Africa
war crimes
Spain (civil war)
proyection of italian power in european continent
Italian intervention in the spanish civil war
the intervention on behalf of the nationalist against the republicans helped improve Mussolini's popularity in Italy
Italy sent more than 700 planes, 150 tanks, 1,800 artillery pieces and much more to help the Nationalists
Italian troops participated in the conquest of the city of Malaga a city located in southern Spain 1937 .
Italian conquest of Albania
Italy's biggest victory
in this battle Republican troops defended against the Italian, Nationalist and Moroccan troops in which the italian tanks proved a valuable element against the Republican forces
this victory provoked the complete rout of the republican army from that sector of Spain
Major Italian defeat
The battle of Guadalajara was part of an offensive to encircle Madrid, the offensive was launched in March 1937
It was almost entirely conformed by Italian troops and some Nationalist troops fighting against the Republican army and a big number of anti - fascist Italians
after initial successful battles in the offensive the Italian Corpo di Truppe Volontarie advance grinned to a halt after the battle of Guadalajara
after the defeat of Guadalajara the Italian troops fled to a defensive line maned by Nationalist forces and lost almost all the territory gained
Italy always had the desire to control Albania because of its strategical location
on April 7 1939 Italy invaded Albania with a force of 100,000 men, 600 airplanes and 137 naval units. Albania only had 15,000 poorly trained troops and almost no air force
after 5 days of fighting and after the Albanian king and its family fled to Greece the Albanian parliament voted to depose King Zog and form a personal union with Italy
Italian Imperialism
after the Italian reunification Italy wanted to annex overseas provinces to expand the new kingdom
but the Italian kingdom arrived late to the colonial race and had little or no territory to expand its territory
The first Italian annexation of an overseas province was in 1869 when Italy purchased a coastal town in the province of Assab ( a province in the red sea )
1936 to 1939
Spanish Civil War
In the Civil War there where two opposing sides, the Nationalist and the Republicans, both sides where conformed by many groups and both of these relied of foreign intervention
Conformed by:

Catalans and Basques
International intervention:
International Brigades
conformed by:
Spanish Army
Land Owners
The Royal family and the Nobles
international aid:
Nazi Germany
Kingdom of Italy
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