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English 101 Group project

Abortion Presentation : Pro-choice

banku sudteen

on 30 March 2013

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Transcript of English 101 Group project

The thesis
- Prochice why they are flighting for ? What are they fighting for How each side is viewed in the media Juno Tim Tebow Superbowl commercial examples of why pro chice is, l lkl แปอปแอแปอแปอ teenage pregnancy
rape, incest, abuse , shild neglect
health circumstances
scientific belief Pro-life Religious beliefs - Birth contrl and condom beliefs as well as abortion Moral beliefts - option of adortion Other scientific belief -fetus is a life form when conceived( heart starts beating on the 21st day) Abortion and the obama health care reform The exustive order The outcomes from the disputes Freesom and women's rights should have the freedom to choose
woman's right are in the question Dr. Tiller rallies and riots
"unwanted" and abused children where anti-choice laws reside Thank you Atthawut Aphasakuldath
Megan Burress
Derek Herman
Kari Schillios
Toripaatton การที่ ประกอบให้ได้
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