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My family

No description

on 14 June 2017

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Transcript of My family

Jermain - My family
My heritage
indigenous Indian from the Choctaw tribe from my mother side
my dad has some irish that why my last name is like that my heritage goes back far back my dad never really tells me about his family
Who AM I
I am a over energetic, hopeful ,smart ,wild, teenager. I one day want to be a great basketball player but i know I am going to change something to become that and that it is not going to come easy I am going to have to practice way harder then i do now and i know there is going to be people who try to bring down. My name is Jermain McConneaughey I am from a family of 8 and I am the youngest bother.
My Top Ten \bucket list
My top ten things to do is eat, sleep, do bad things go to my cousins house ,play basketball, pass tests, drawing, watch basketball, win, work. I want to become famous before i di
The year i was born
I was born was 2003 this was the year that Lebron James's first shoe came out it now sales for about $ 688.88. a lot of money.some famous shows that came out on or ended was. ALL GROWN UP, Teen titans, Dave Chapple show.
Letter to my teachers
My 1st period ms Motaka need to slow down with giving work some kids work at a slower pace then others and need more time and stop giving out a project every week 2nd period ms Steelman is one of the best teacher because she doesn't go to hard on the students. 3rd period mr lawrence is the worst teacher he doesn't know how to deal with students and instead dealing with the situation he gets angry and thinks that the students will respect him more in fact its the oppsite. period 4 ms Moore can have her moments when she mad but will give you a second if you work for it. period 5th MR Cardona he doesn't know how to deal with certain students when they are just sitting down and talking miding there business. 4th period ms cowan is nice but can but doesn't get the respect she needs. period 8th ms abruzzese is a good teacher but needs to learn how to deal with the boys
High school
what expect for my high school year is a lot of working a lot new experiences. Things that I couldn't do in my middle school like drive and a job. Things that I will get better at like basketball making friends. Things that I will love like trying new things. Things that I will hate like projects and homework.
Reflecting on middle school
When i was in six grade it was too easy i thought 7th and 8th was going to be the same but when i got here it was way different the rules were way stricter and now that the end of 8th grade is here i know that .
6TH grade
end of 8TH
hard worker

Dear Future Me
Dear future me did I make it did I complete the goals I set out for or did I fail trying or worst. I for the best I hope for success. I Hope that your reading this in my future home. rich a leader a good person I hope that I made.
About the Author
I was born on February 25 2003
around this time I lived in new Jersey a couple years past and we went to move to Georgia after a couple of incidents we
back to new Jersey to stay. my bothers got in to some trouble and my mom didn't like the school system because they were trying to get him in to more trouble. so we will be moving again this summer hopefully we make a change.

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