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Go Mobile or Go Home!

Catalyzing learning and performance on the go...with mobile technology

Darin Hartley

on 3 February 2011

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Transcript of Go Mobile or Go Home!

Mobile Activity
We have a little prize for the person who can find the answer to this question first...using a mobile device! What was the 23rd state in the United States of America? And as a bonus, when did it officially become a US State? Answer is:
Maine, March 15, 1820 10 years ago -- what would it have taken to discover the answer?

Someone answered it today in less than 30 seconds without moving! Agenda
Background & Overview of Mobile Devices and Learning
How to Deploy Content
Basics & Fundamentals
Mobile Learning Case Studies & Examples
What else? What should be Im-Mobile?
Measuring Mobile Success
Getting Started (Five Gotchas) Evolution of the Smartphone Quick Poll
Would you give up your smartphone?
A. Never. It is an extension of me and defines who I am.
B. If you pay me, I could live without it for a week.
C. Please take it already. People keep bugging me! mLearning –
Any sort of learning that happens when the learner is not at a fixed, predetermined location, or learning that happens when the learner takes advantage of the learning opportunities offered by mobile technologies. In other words mobile learning decreases limitation of learning location with the mobility of general portable devices.
(from Wikipedia)
Device + Connection + Cognition
always with you + ability to obtain remote resources + to increase knowledge
We see mobile people... Deploying learning content for mobile devices Basics & Fundamentals Dispelling some access myths
Reading text on phones is difficult.
There is not enough bandwidth for rich multi-media.
I can’t possibly have the richness of Flash eLearning on a phone.
I get better social interaction in the classroom.
It's a different user experience

Current Borders
Image size
Input method
Transient network connectivity

New Frontiers
Global positioning
Camera/video integration
Instant access
Device proliferation Case Studies Mateus Cauã, Distributor of Medical Devices Challenges:
Certification requirements of manufacturer
Increased competition

Place to share best practices
Ability to learn from consultants and product management team at the manufacturer
Short-form client-ready materials Client Solution Executive
Sao Paulo, Brazil John Edge, Regional VP Buffalo, NY Challenges:
Limited time
Constantly traveling

Certification updates
Support bank manager competencies
Understand corporate direction in 2011 Jim Randall, Showcase Wireless Retail Sales Associate
Cherry Creek Mall in Denver, Colorado Challenges:
Get ready for the holiday season
Overwhelming number of devices to know about

Always-on, fast access to info about devices
Ability to instantly connect with experts
Ability to learn on-the-go, during downtime What else?
What should be im-mobile? Measuring Success Five Gotchas
Failing to tie measurements to business outcomes
Working outside of your user’s routine
Choosing something that is cool but not used
Providing too much bad stuff or not enough good stuff
Refusing to adapt as you learn
Darin Hartley - dhartley@intrepidls.com
Brian Taliesin - btaliesin@intrepidls.com
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